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Whistler Creek Productions

Some friends of mine have been hard at work launching a production company over the past 6 months or so. It is finally up and running and that is good enough reason to have a party. It all takes place during the Whistler Film Festival as most of the clients are from the film industry.

There was a live auction where prints from Gallup, Andruik, Patterson and a whole slew of other photogs got sold off.

I set up a "photo booth" thingy so that anyone could put on some gear from the wardrobe rack and go outside to snap a portrait. You can see my pocket wizard in most of the photos as that's how the thing was triggered. It was cold as shit outside but people still got into it. If you look closely you'll see such photo legends as Eric Berger, Mark Gallup, Russell Dalby, Shred legends like Shin Campos (co-owner of WCP), Wes Makepeace, Rube Goldberg, and cine dudes like Travis Robb from Standard films, Murray Siple (who showed and extended teaser for his current documentary "Carts of Darkness", Anthony Vitale, My brother Garry, shit it was just chock full of heavy cats.

Anyway, check it all out at
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