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Vancouver Surf

Hey friends,

A couple times a year we get a big wind swell in Vancouver and folks hit West Van beaches for some local surf. Growing up in North Van, my brother and all my surfer bros would always head down to enjoy the rare gift of local surf, but these days there are actual crowds vying for the meagre waves available. Regardless, it's a pretty happy vibe and everyone I met had a big smile on their face. Today I decided that everything else could wait while I went down to catch the rarest of photos, the Vancouver surf shot.

I didn't get it but it was still super fun to hang out in the wind and watch the weird waves. I met a bunch of nice folks on the beach today so I'm putting up more than I normally would so they can check themselves out. Also it's it's worth it to see the big set crashing through the pilings!


Clean lineup…



Hi friends,

Over the last few years I've been doing the bulk of my work in video. That is to say I've been directing other people to shoot and edit video that I've conceived of while contributing my own footage. At the beginning of the year I decided it was time to teach myself to edit, and due to a big unforeseen gap in my schedule I had some time to do so.

From the time I moved in late 2011 I had been compiling a body of work that had all been created inside my apartment. After I got my d800 and GoPro camera I started shooting a lot more motion, initially just timelapse shots but eventually vignettes of life around and inside. This was the material I used to make Captive.

I've always believed that when you apply limitations to your process that the result is creativity. For the first year of my career I shot with nothing but a 50mm lens and as a result I found ways to solve the problems that arose from that. Limiting the physical space that I allowed myself to use photos from was a new way to define the boundaries of this project.

In the end, this was an exercise in learning how to solve problems in the editing room, but I liked it enough to show the world. I hope you like it too. If you do, please share.



Captive from sidechannel media on Vimeo.

Special thanks to all the kind folks who offered advice and critique:

Murray Siple
Clayton Larsen
Adam Mackay-Smith
Olenka Krakus
Jon Boyer
Garry Pendygrasse
Jay Vaillancourt
Mikey Scott
Bob Kronbauer

I appreciate the help.

yaletown after the rain

Hi friends,

Storms clearing. Here's a photo in Yaletown just now.




Hi friends,

Here's a photo from the 24th floor of a jaywalker on Homer Street in the long evening light. Hope you like it. I sure do.



early morning fog in vancouver

Hi friends.

Vancouver has been doing its annual fog dance lately making for some spectacular pictures from the North Shore (geoff andruik has been the early bird getting the worm) and lots of great changing light. This morning I woke to a white wall of fog out the window, but by the time I'd got my camera out it had started to move and a little opening revealed the moon.

Ten minutes later it was white again. Have a great day.


click photo for more vancouver images


welcome to 2013

Welcome to 2013. A tiny little person in a big empty city.



a crowd

Hi friends,

I came across a crowd the other day while walking to the pub.



blue hour city

Cool light in the city the other evening.


screaming at a wall.

Feeling a little Minor Threat this morning. Like screaming at a wall. Or maybe just staring in this case.



hand painted pepsi sign

Detail shot from a rainy morning shooting cornerstones and independent groceries in Vancouver. Hand painted Pepsi sign. Part of a large personal project.




Not much to say about this one. I guess "The Noodle Makers'" business didn't take off.



looking down

Homer St.


yellow tree and library

Autumn and the library.


Oak leaves

You know me and texture. Always looking for a a nice even scene. The oak trees are dropping their leaves and winter is coming in strong.



imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Just playing around with colour today.


bike on Homer

Hi folks.

I love the light in the fall and winter. Such long rays. My old friend Ian Ruhter once said to me when he was visiting; "There something about the light up here, it's the best in the world." I agree.



Inside Vancouver Public Library.

A black and white view from inside the Vancouver Public Library. It's an awesome building in my neighbourhood.


Post no Bills - Vancouver

Ya, I love stuff like this. "Post No Bills" surrounded by the world of "Bills" from Cosby to Clinton, to Shakespeare to a billion.

Yaletown, Vancouver. October 2012.


November Wallpaper

Hi friends,

Well it’s the first of November and here we go again with a free wallpaper to cover your desktop for the month. Skiers and snowboarders spend November frantically checking weather forecasts, watching the temperature drop and praying for snowfalls that will stick heavy and early and open up those hills as soon as possible. Every once in awhile the clouds part for and we get a peek at what’s to come.

Last year I woke to this view one fine day in November. I hope you see something like this early and often this month. Even if I’m still having tropical diving dreams...

large medium ipad


near miss

Hello friends.

Here’s a diptych for you. I’m calling it “near miss”.



False Creek life.

Guess the lighting on the last shot!


going back to the well

I’ve shot this building
many, many times. Some days I find it just mesmerizing, like a giant bug eye.


The Cobalt at night

Hi friends,

The sky was crazy last night. Since the Cobalt is crazy every night, it seemed a natural subject.


buy a canvas)


Some more.

When you get a new system you have to shoot a lot, just to get used to the ergonomics and functionality. Sometimes this creates crap, and sometimes it creates greatness.


best looking dumpster in town.

Busy weekend, not too much to say.



random shots

Hello friends,

Just going through some shots from the last few days and thought I should share. There was a super crazy sky here two nights ago and after looking at
this shot I pulled out a couple of mine. I came outside a little later and watched as the neon tones faded, there was so much crazy tone in the sky after.


the park


I took the Zeiss Sonnar 90mm out on a walk yesterday. Not much was going on so I was just trying to get really good focus, handheld. It worked out pretty well. I guess I’m getting more used to it. I think the EVF would help a lot because you aren’t holding the camera steady 20 cms from your face in mid air. But then, you have a bigger system.


Finally, the
Cirque left my hood this week. This one is from a lil ways back, some workers up on the top of the tent, taking a break. My wife pointed out this shot. She has a good eye.

Have a good day.



Granville Island

The other day we took the aquabus down False Creek to Granville Island for breakfast. As it turns out, almost everyone who serves breakfast there stops serving it at 11 o’clock, so if you’re thinking of going for brunch, you might end up having lunch instead. We had blueberry crepes though and they were delicious. We also found out later that the food place in the net loft serves breakfast all day. So now you know. Here are some shots of things from Granville Island.

I’m in Sweden for a couple of weeks. I’ll put up some photos soon.


The aquabus arrives.

Sylvie is very excited about the aquabus!

crepes. mmmmmmm.


happy sausage. mmmmm.

stuffed peppers. mmmm.

fresh new potatoes. mmmm.

a big stack of cherries. mmmmmm.

prawns! mmmmmmm.


fresh salmon!


amazing looking tomatoes.

Cirque de Soleil Kooza in Vancouver

So the last time that La Cirque de Soleil set up across the street from us, we looked at the tents for a month or six weeks or whatever and barely discussed going to the show. After it was gone we kinda slapped our heads and said "What the Hell were we thinking?"

La Cirque is back with a show called Kooza and this time we're not going to miss it dammit. However, our tickets aren't until we're back from sweden so I'll have to wait a few weeks. Until then, here is a review and some photos that I've taken in the last few days. The tents are so big and distinctive that they are hard to miss on our daily walks. I've yet to really get a shot that I like but will continue to snap away.


The inside of BC Place and the cirque tent and our building

In tents, Intense.

La Cirque with no Soleil.


Jumping through hoops for the Olympics.

All last year my friend Shin would disappear now and again for a secret project that he was working on. I didn't think too much about it until we started getting closer to the Olympics and the rumours started flying about a crazy ramp being built in BC place for the opening ceremonies. Right around that time I noticed that Shin was making a lot of trips to the city. And then My friend Johnny sorta disappeared from the twittershpere. Hmmm, something was going on.

Well secrets don't stay secret very long in the snowboard community, so by the time I attended the Opening Ceremony rehearsal I already knew that Shin and Johnny were going to be jumping through the Olympic Rings as part of the ceremony. What I didn't know was that the whole stunt would be preceded by a couple minutes of really well filmed freeriding shot last year, and that the jump was going to kick off the whole Olympics! Damn!

I wish I had a chance to see Shin hit the jump in the first rehearsal but it was amazing to watch Johnny stomp his indy on the sketchiest carpet and airbag landing. As the story now goes, the decision came down to a coin flip. I'm stoked to have known and shot these guys for years and glad that they had such a positive influence on the way snowboarding was portrayed to the world. Shin has said that the producers were really open to their input and made sure that snowboarders wouldn't be bummed on yet another misguided "hollywood" attempt at portraying us.

Here are some shots of the boys over the years.

Johnny Lyall on a Whistler kink rail

Johnny Lyall on a Whistler Backcountry booter.

Shin at Whistler last season

Shin Campos from the deep winter contest in 2008

Shin Campos on Whistler last season.

The Nike and Nemo Aries 2010 project

A few months back my old friend Trevor Graves from Nemo asked me to be involved with a project that he was putting together. It's called Aries2010 and it is a time capsule to chronicle historical artifacts from the progression of snowboarding. At first he just asked me to submit some photography, which of course I was happy to do, but as the date of the opening reception came closer he asked if I would be a keynote speaker with Legend Terry Kidwell. That was an easy decision despite the fact that I've been underwater with other projects in the run-up to the Olympics.

As I walked in the door last night I began to understand the scope of what Trevor had undertaken. He spent months talking to many of the players and original characters from snowboarding and collecting many of the most significant bits and pieces of detritus from our culture. There are more memories in that room than you can imagine including many prototypes of influential boards, boots and bindings. Obviously it's not all going to fit into the Aries capsule, but everything has been documented and will be included as well as some select items.

I was honored to say a few words and show a quick slideshow that did its best to shed some light on my perspective of the history of Canadian snowboarding, but I was most honored to be able to introduce Terry Kidwell. His influence on snowboarding can't be understated. He was a critical participant in the design of the first kicktail that ushered in the concept of riding both ways on a board, and then he took that design to the hills and basically invented freestyle snowboarding. Terry never made a fortune from his snowboard career so he's auctioning some of the most photographed boards in the history of snowboarding. A semi-tragedy that is all too common with athletes in young sports. I know he appreciated the turnout last night and young shredders and pros alike were literally lining up to shake his hand and let him know how big a deal he is to them. I saw more than one person stand speechless in front of him.

Here are some photos, I wish I had more time too shoot but I was kept busy most of the night. The whole set is on Flickr. My pal Mark Gribbon shot the photo wall all night and you can see those shots here. If you can get your hands on the Aries book, it is a remarkable document and will be going in my permanent collection. (Right next to Out West, which I gave out quite a bit last night too) If you are in Vancouver before the 19th you pretty much have to go down to the Boardroom and check this out. the closing reception is on Friday and the always entertaining Ken Ach will be speaking.

Trevor's "misty cam". Many photogs in the mid 90's would have given a digit to see this little number.

Trevor and Ken Achenbach in front of the actual capsule.

Shaun Palmer's infamous gold victory suit.

Ken Ach checks out the Kidwell quiver. The best snowboard shots of the 80's were taken on these boards.

John Kamitakahara is a long time Vancouver snowboarder, photographer and unintentional archivist. He was stoked to meet Kidwell.

Annie Boulanger is Rider of the year. What you know bout dat?

Terry talks to a rapt audience.

Former SBC editor and current Push.ca editor Matt Houghton with legend Chris Nicholls.

Kidwell and Kevin Sansalone compare notes.


Winter work sets in.

Now it can be told...

So I started to work with my old friends at Monster again last week. As longtime followers of the blog know, I've been doing all kinds of different media projects in the last few years as a way to keep myself challenged and to continue to add experiences to my list. After the success of the Grenade Games last spring, Monster was nice enough to have me back to work on through the Olympic year. Which brings me to this event. I'm afraid that I can't give anything away yet because details are being pounded out as we speak, but suffice it to say, for all the people who can't afford, or don't want to attend the Olympics, we're going to make sure that there is an event you can get stoked on at the same time.

Stay tuned for details, this one is going to be good.

Oh ya, and then I'll be working on Grenade Games 6 too. My liver hurts already.

Also. I've been taking pictures of the buildings on my walk to and from the Monster Office for a long time now. Eventually the plan is to have photos of every building on the west side of Main, from Alexander to the viaduct, in all sorts of different media (35mm film, digital, large format, paint, whatever) and line em all up on a white wall somewhere so you can experience my walk to work. I'm hoping to get it done some time in 2010. I've been posting a bunch of stuff on flickr lately too. Weird.

121, 123 Main Street. Vancouver, BC.

229, 231 Main Street. Vancouver, BC.

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Gardens

I was ten minutes early for a meeting yesterday so I finally went into the Dr Sun Yat-Sen gardens by my house. The entrance is literally a block and a half from my front door and I've never been in. In ten minutes I managed to scratch the surface, but there are undoubtedly many more photos to be found here. I love Vancouver for its amazing diversity and the fact that there are little gems like this tucked away just about everywhere.

It's my wife's birthday. Give her some love.


Click any photo

I'm so sick of HDR, well balanced images. Let the highlights blow out you idiots.

It's hard not to shoot the cliche shots.

I love the f'ed up lines in this. Everything is going to be alright. Indeed.

WOOF! WOOF...er, I mean; Bark.

Home. Finishing some things and starting some others.

"Whoa. Are you still here? Wow. Nice to see you. Me? I've been away. In Roatan, Honduras. Ya, there was a "coup". Big Earthquake too. How big? 7.1! I know, it was crazy. Well, between that and the swine flu scare the tourists pretty much stopped coming. Ya, that's why I'm on my way back to Vancouver. Just in time for the salmon in the rivers and the leaves to change colour. I'm hoping for an indian summer, I love Vancouver in September.

Pictures? Sure, I took some. Not as many as i would have liked, the divemaster training kept me from shooting much and then I started to work leading divers and couldn't take a camera along. Ya, it was a bit of a bummer, but I was happy for the chance to get some experience.

What now? Well I have a couple of interesting job offers and it's an Olympic year so there will be lots of things to shoot, but truthfully, I'm mostly just looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and catching up with friends. Yes, of course I'll start writing regularly again. Having reliable electricity and internet makes blogging a lot easier.

Well thanks, I'm glad to see you again too. Talk soon."


Photography, ah yes...

So as some of you know, I'm about to take a trip down south. I'm going back to Roatan to do my Divemaster training and hopefully see a little more of Central America. Soon my blog will be mostly turquoise and jungle green.

I'm not rich, so I can't just leave the apartment empty and pay the mortgage. This is unfortunate. I have some paintings on the wall that are very valuable to me and that I'm not particularly interested in leaving to the whim of fate, so they are getting stored. They are 7 panels and the arrangement left me with a bit of a dilemma; what do I use to replace them? I decided to make 7 shots from around the hood, all taken with the canon g9 and converted to black and white. Of course then I went ahead and made way too many and now I have to choose.

Can you guys help me by picking your favourite and least favourite. I know some of you don't like to make public comments, so it's ok to send me a note, or feel free to put your comment in at the bottom. All this stuff has been taken in the last year and a half walking around my neighbourhood.



Vancouver Downtown Eastside.

Vancouver's downtown eastside is rough. I spend a lot of time walking down there and I've seen all sorts of madness from the bottom end of humanity. Drug abuse makes people into husks. One dimensional creatures with a simple agenda; get more, do more, by whatever means. Crime is rampant and the streets are full of characters that you don't want to meet in an alley after dark. I don't make eye contact often.

There is, however, a lot that I want to take pictures of. I've begun to get a little braver with the camera, and it comes out pretty much every day now, but I'm still not ready to take a picture of an addict in the middle of a psychotic speedball episode. It's not really what I'm interested in to be honest. It feels a little cheap to go looking for the truly depraved so that middle class folks can point at the pictures and say "that's the problem."




the fog

Vancouver is setting a record for the longest stretch of fog ever. I mean, I heard that anyway. It might be true, maybe not. This was taken at noon. (That also may not be true.)


travel day

I'm stuck at PDX. My 11PM redeye to Houston became a 3AM redeye to Houston. Although the flight still takes up the entire night, I am now stuck in the airport for 7 hours and not that stoked on it. However I can't get too bummed, my wife's flight from YVR to SEA got cancelled and they put her ON A BUS! That's why you pay for flights, so they can put you on a bus....

The other day it was colder than you can imagine in Whistler and they were firing up the snow guns trying to make up for the fact that mother nature hasn't been too helpful in the snow department this season. The wind was blowing like crazy, it was minus 25 up there, and all the snow that they were blowing was just flying up into the air and off the mountain. I pulled out my old 400mm f5.6 too see what it looked like on a digital camera. It doesn't hold up at all, but still, there is character in old glass.

I'm gone to the land of unreliable internet and no cell phone. I'll be there until the new year so I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has spent time looking at my photos and reading my words in the past year. The power of my bog is continuing to surprise me as things I've said come back time and again in all kinds of strange ways. At its core, self publishing is the easiest and most democratic way to be heard that humans have ever enjoyed. I don't always have things worth saying, but when I do, there are people out there who are listening. thanks for tuning in.

Happy Holidays,



I've been shooting lots of stuff lately and not posting any of it. So now I have a whole gang of photos just burning a whole in my hard drive. Here are some of them. Enjoy.

grrrr. i'm all enraged and stuff.


this crow is not one bit intimidated b those spikes

gold medallists will stay here

I'm a sucker for this kind of thing

more damn crows.

this is the last photo I took in maui. from a moving car.

dog walks look like this. it was way colder than this.

we have two young trees named yarbit and narbit. this is narbit.

Blue skies and happy days.


Sorry about that last rant. Things were a little dark at that point. In the old days that might have sent me off on a week long bender but now I just blog, shrug, and move on.

Here are some photos to look at and think about all things non-governmental.


happy clouds

happy forest


Well after the Pemberton Festival last week took a day away from work, I have been running around like a chicken with cutoffs on his head trying to catch up. Adding to my is complications is a giant sized rockslide that has closed the road to Whistler and made it very difficult to do a shoot there this weekend. Luckily the clients have pushed back the dates to next week, but it still appears that this monster slide won't be cleared in time and I'll most likely have to fly. Not the worst thing in the world except for the weight restrictions on helicopters and small planes and the fact that I need to travel with a whole bunch of gear. Luckily I have lots of photographer friends in Whistler and have been sourcing gear from them.

In the middle of all this, there were
fireworks on Wednesday so T and Willie and I went for a little walk to watch things that go boom.

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What do salad dressing and feminism have in common?

The other day I was walking to a meeting in Gastown when I passed an interesting little shrine on a bench.

Feminist author Marilyn French's three volume tome "From Eve to Dawn" took over 15 years to write, but has been criticized for playing fast and loose with the facts in its 1700 pages.

Kraft's Calorie Wise Thousand Island dressing hits you with just 20 Calories per serving and is versatile and delicious.

But what are they doing sitting together on a bench watching soccer practice?


More shots from the hood

This week I have a couple of shooting gigs, which will be a nice change from what I've been doing. Lately I've been up to my eyes with the book project and with selling shots from the winter, and while both of those things are going really well, it's just not the same as shooting photos. In fact, the only time I'm shooting at all these past weeks is walking the dog around the hood.

I still love my Canon g9 for this kind of thing, it's so small and portable and durable too.

Here are some shots of my hood:

Cirque du soleil is across the street all summer

One of those cool buildings that gets really thin and one end. This one is called Hotel Europe.

Lone dude on the soccer field. Looks like the turf needs some work

Taking a break.

Sailing is hard

I love what old glass does.

The dominion building and victory square.

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The summer. It is come.

As the summer finally hits in all its glory, I am swamped with work. I am convinced though, that I live in the best place in the world. My fascination with Vancouver's old buildings continues, while new ones pop up all over the place.

Here are some shots of the world around me. More coming soon. I love the Canon g9 more every day.

She casts a long shadow for a short dawg.

Pixelated clouds



these colours were making my eyes hurt.

evening glow

nice new shapes

from the hood

Just trucking away on submissions around here. Getting a budget and business plan in place for the summer project. Hope to get the green light by the end of the week so I can break the silence and get to work.

I still find time for walks around the neighbourhood. It has finally become spring around here and we've been loving the warm weather. Here are some shots from the last few days. The last one is HIGH-larious.

waiting for mommy.

traffic pattern change. ain't that the truth.

t said that this looks a little like our wallpaper.

boots on the ground


such a cliche, but so rad. shaka!

the title of the washed up book is "How to Start a Home-Based Photography Business". Timely Visual Metaphors are epic.

Waiting in the sun = never fun.

My crew for today did a pretty monster drive to get here and shoot in the sun. Unfortunately they didn't make it all the way. It's not a perfect day out there, but it's pretty nice, and I'm waiting. At least it gives me a little time to work on this last minute job that came up for this week. There is quite a bit to get organized in a short period of time so I'm doing a little scrambling. Well, to keep you occupied until then, here are some more G9 shots from around the hood last week.

Tinsletown. Watch your step.

The hood. Pretty stoked that I live here.Except that I'm in Whistler.

Flags and cranes around the Olympic village site.

Waiting in the sun = never fun.

My crew for today did a pretty monster drive to get here and shoot in the sun. Unfortunately they didn't make it all the way. It's not a perfect day out there, but it's pretty nice, and I'm waiting. At least it gives me a little time to work on this last minute job that came up for this week. There is quite a bit to get organized in a short period of time so I'm doing a little scrambling. Well, to keep you occupied until then, here are some more G9 shots from around the hood last week.

Tinsletown. Watch your step.

The hood. Pretty stoked that I live here.Except that I'm in Whistler.

Flags and cranes around the Olympic village site.

g9 stuff

As promised, some g9 stuff:

shopping is hard

our front yard. (it's a parking lot for now)/ wind vane chimney.

sled drop parking lot.


Solberg and a sunset.