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They call it Ukee

Hi friends,

You know, you can't spell Ucluelet without a clue and last week I got a clue. I'd been to Tofino a bunch of times but never had the pleasure of experiencing Ucluelet. Luckily, thanks to good timing and a great deal, a bunch of our friends packed up and set off for the
Black Rock Resort a week ago with no goals other than eating, drinking, and relaxing. Even though it was still February, the fact that winter missed BC this year left us with "shirt off" weather and blue skies.

The Pacific Ocean was like a placid lake and we spent a pretty good amount of time spotting whales in the distance as they spouted off. It's a beautiful place out there and there are lots hikes to keep you occupied. Plus, we got to check out the Wolf in the Fog in Tofino, that was recently called
best new restaurant in Canada by En Route.

Did you know there are dunes out there? I didn't. But now I do.

Anywhoo, here are a bunch of photos of the trip. It's taken awhile to get them up, I had a busy week at work shooting some photos for the F15
Veilance season. I wish I could share 'em but you'll just have to wait till September!


We arrived and the sun was setting through the trees, so we made our way down to the shore. (caution: sunset photos following)
The Pacific was pretty calm, especially for a season that is generally all about storm watching.

Some time pretty is pretty boring, but sometimes it's totally not.
See, I told you there would be sunsets.
Over on the
instagram I was talking about how much I like tide pools.
Here's another one. This time it has a lighthouse in it.
What can I say? I like big chunks of driftwood.
Colin and Jen take different routes to the sea.
Colin also likes tide pools.
Photo break. Follow the lines.
Ya , ya. I know.
Mussels and muscles are homonyms.
I did not know that the west coast of Vancouver Island has dunes, but as you are witnessing, it does!
Island on shore. With small friends for scale.
Dune + forest = cool.
Little plant runners covered in sand. This is what f3.2 looks like.
Season's change. Out with the old, in with the new.

Rip Curl Pro in Tofino

Hi friends,

Just got back from the Rip Curl Pro Surf contest in Tofino on Vancouver Island. This is the first time I’ve been to this event and it was fun to finally attend an event that I’d heard so much about. There is a real sense of community in the Canadian surf scene and it’s nice to see how they support each other. The family dynasties are readily apparent too.

Check out some of my photos from the trip and then the video we made at the bottom.


wake for me

wet ride


everyone stops at cathedral grove at least once

remembering another time


Pete won.

Dalby shooting Noah

bargain on the way home

big gnome