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Vancouver Surf

Hey friends,

A couple times a year we get a big wind swell in Vancouver and folks hit West Van beaches for some local surf. Growing up in North Van, my brother and all my surfer bros would always head down to enjoy the rare gift of local surf, but these days there are actual crowds vying for the meagre waves available. Regardless, it's a pretty happy vibe and everyone I met had a big smile on their face. Today I decided that everything else could wait while I went down to catch the rarest of photos, the Vancouver surf shot.

I didn't get it but it was still super fun to hang out in the wind and watch the weird waves. I met a bunch of nice folks on the beach today so I'm putting up more than I normally would so they can check themselves out. Also it's it's worth it to see the big set crashing through the pilings!


Clean lineup…


Rip Curl Pro in Tofino

Hi friends,

Just got back from the Rip Curl Pro Surf contest in Tofino on Vancouver Island. This is the first time I’ve been to this event and it was fun to finally attend an event that I’d heard so much about. There is a real sense of community in the Canadian surf scene and it’s nice to see how they support each other. The family dynasties are readily apparent too.

Check out some of my photos from the trip and then the video we made at the bottom.


wake for me

wet ride


everyone stops at cathedral grove at least once

remembering another time


Pete won.

Dalby shooting Noah

bargain on the way home

big gnome