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October Print Sale: Part 9!

Hi friends,

Sorry about the radio silence, the day job has been keeping me away from keeping up with the print sale. Which is guess is ok since October is over anyway. I'm going to cut myself some slack and finish strong. I have one last print.

This one has probably sold by the time you read this. There are a couple folks who have been waiting for it and I suspect that it will go fast. I actually rode more days with Craig Kelly than I shot with him and on some level that makes me very happy. We had a day at Mike Wiegles Heli with Ken Ach and friends, an awesome day at Baker with my brother and Alex, and I tagged along on some runs here and there, but this day was the one I remember most. Mostly because my memory sucks and pictures do a better job. I've spoken about this shot a bunch, so I'll leave it at this; watching Craig ride this face was a highlight of my snowboard life. He approached it mostly blind and just flowed down it like water.

This 16 x 24 inch print is on super duper gloss paper. It's all yours for $179 plus actual shipping. $40 bucks from this print sale goes to support my brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart who are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver. Please take a moment and click through and lend a hand.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long.

UPDATE: This one sold quick, but there has been enough interest for me to consider a small additional print run. If you are interested, drop me a note before Monday and we can add it on. Same price, same size.

There are still 2 other prints left! Here and here!



PS: I'm shipping everything today too, so all the folks who are waiting for prints, watch your mailboxes.

2014-11-01 12.02.37sm


October Print Sale: Part 8!

Hi friends,

So the last print only lasted about 5 minutes as well, so here we go again!

In true throwback thursday fashion, we're going back to 1997 or so with Marc Morisset. Back in those days we spent as much time in helicopters as we did on snowmobiles. The morning we shot this there was a classic valley fog layer, but up above the sky was blue giving us the sea of clouds that you see in Whistler so often.

This 20 x 30 inch print is on super duper gloss paper and these little jpegs do not do it justice. It's all yours for $189 plus actual shipping. $40 bucks from this print sale goes to support my brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart who are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver. Please take a moment and click through and lend a hand.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long.



2014-10-23 08.06.11s



Here's another shot from the same morning. KY was there and I think sluggo? Or maybe Roan? or both?

October Print Sale: Part 7!

Hi friends,

What a week. Your response has been amazing and I am super appreciative. A couple of the prints went from posting to payment in less than 5 minutes. It's totally remarkable. Thank you sincerely. We just keep stacking up the donations.

This evening i have a shat that I absolutely love. It's Matt Beardmore from Revelstoke Mountain Resort. He dropped the best looking diving board I'd ever seen and put his board right onto the micro transition. The whole scene was right at the fog line so the air was full of suspended crystals. I'll always remember it.

This 20 x 30 inch print is on super duper gloss paper and these little jpegs do not do it justice. It's all yours for $189 plus actual shipping. $40 bucks from this print sale goes to support my brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart who are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver. Please take a moment and click through and lend a hand.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long.



2014-10-22 18.52.59s


October Print Sale: Part 6!

Hi Friends,

Can anyone say MADS JONSSON!!! What a charger. So versatile, such a powerful rider. Always a pleasure to shoot and to hang out with. This shot is from Northern Escape Heli. It's from an awesome zone that has a fluted face right next to an opposing ridge line giving access to shots that in Alaska would be impossible to get in most cases.

This print is a MASSIVE 20 x 30 inches on super duper gloss paper and it's simply beautiful Black and White with a slight tone. It's all yours for $189 plus actual shipping. $40 bucks from this print sale goes to support my brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart who are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver. Please take a moment and click through and lend a hand.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long. There are still a couple available here and here.

Thanks for dropping by folks!


2014-10-19 13.55.08s


October Print Sale: Part 5!

Hi Friends,

First of all, thanks so much for buying these things. It's really making me stoked and every little thing that goes towards helping my friend and family deal with the costs that come with fighting cancer, helps.

I LOVE this photo of Mark Landvik. This was shot in a remote zone in the Kootenays while filming with Standard Films. We spent a couple years exploring this zone without anyone else ever putting another track on it and I literally spent a week shooting within 100 yards of this. The pillow field of all pillow fields. Totally perfect. And what better than a Lando method to complete the picture. I think it's a perfect little snowboard scene.

This print is appropriately sized at 16 x 24 inches on super gloss paper made from high tech molecules. It's all yours for $179 plus actual shipping.

UPDATE: the 16 x 24 has a new owner but I have a MASSIVE 20" x 30" print that is available for ten bucks more. $189. Hit me up!

Second update: both sold!

$40 bucks from this print sale goes to support my brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart who are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver. Please take a moment and click through and lend a hand.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long.

Thanks for dropping by folks!




Oh ya, and here's the cover of Transworld that we got one year.


October Print Sale: Part 4!

Hi friends,

If you've ever met Chris Dufficy and not been moved to become a better person you may have a missing gene. Simply put, he's one of the greatest humans ever to strap into a snowboard. In 2001 we were filming a little movie called True Life for a now defunct snowboard company called Forum. It was the best. Great crew, great riding, good times.

This shot is from a zone called Face Mountain on the hurley river road. We pioneered a lot of new zones in those days and as a result there was a lot of time when we'd be the only crew in an area. Face was like that for a long time.

This print is perfectly sized at 16 x 20 inches on super gloss paper made from butterfly wings. It's all yours for $179 plus actual shipping. $40 bucks from this print sale goes to support friends and family in my life who are battling cancer. My brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver. If you don't need a photo for your wall, click through and help them out anyway.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long. Check out all the sold ones here and here and here.



2014-10-19 13.54.03

October Print Sale: Part 3!

Hi Friends,

Here we ago again with another well-loved shot of Lukas Huffman! All the Kootenay noboard posse know where this one is taken, but I'll never tell. Let's just say it's in part of British Columbia's massive backcountry playground. In 2006 I spent a couple weeks traveling around BC with Lukas and crew filming for his IR77 project. I have great memories of that trip and some classic images. This shot is a testimony to simple lighting and perseverance, there was a lot of slogging gear through deep snow to make it work.

This print is a MASSIVE 20 x 30 inches on super duper gloss paper and it's simply beautiful. It's all yours for $189 plus actual shipping. $40 bucks from this print sale goes to support friends and family in my life who are battling cancer. My brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long. Check out another one here and here.


2014-10-19 13.26.20


October Print Sale: Part 2!

Hi Friends,

I learned this week that if you have a really busy schedule at work, you maybe should think twice about launching a print sale. So the entries have not been as hot and heavy as I would have liked, but here we are with part 2. I'm going to stockpile some posts today so I will have more prints this week.

Another thing I learned this week is that my old friend Chris Brunkhart has been diagnosed with the exact same form of Cancer that my brother has. It's been 2 years since cancer stuck its unwelcome little head into my brother's life and the impact that it has had is impossible to understate. Garry continues to undergo chemotherapy every two weeks. It takes away much of his freedom and his ability to work. He has faced this business with strength and dignity and a positive attitude, but it's a hard road.

So, from this point forward, for every print we sell, I'm donating 20 bucks to Brunkhart's fundraising drive and $20 to my brother's (through paypal, use gpendygr@hotmail.com). It's not a lot, but everything helps. If you don't particularly like my pictures but you fucking hate Cancer, feel free to donate directly. Chris is in for a fight and he'll need the support.

So, on to the print! This is one of my most well-known shots. Lukas Huffman on the legendary "Perfect Jump" in the Whistler backcountry from 2003. It has run in a couple different magazines over the years and of all the photos people ask about, this one is probably top of the list. I was trying to find a new angle on this heavily documented feature when I saw the shadow of the riders racing through the foreground. I moved in and set up with a wide lens and caught the shadow.

This one is 16"x24" on some super gloss paper and it's yours for $179 (plus actual shipping costs.)

First email in my inbox gets it.

Thanks for dropping by. More prints all week long! Check out another one here.

Update: This sucker is sold.



2014-10-19 10.58.31

October Print Sale!

Hi friends,

Christmas is coming and you know what that means! I need room in my house for all the presents I'm going to get! Speaking of presents, here's an idea for all the snowboarders in your life: how about a gallery quality print for the wall?

I have a few prints left from various sales over the years. I need the room and you need the images, so I'm going to put them up, one at a time, until they sell. First come, first to get that bad boy. Most of these are an edition of 1. Some of them may never be printed again.

So let's start here: Mark Landvik getting a fresh slasher while filming with Standard Films back in 2005. Mark is on my top 5 list of people that I shot with over the years and this was the first day we worked together. The photo ran in Transworld Snowboarding Magazine and was the image I chose to promote a gallery show at the Blake Jorgensen Gallery way back when. When it came time to hang the show, there wasn't enough room for this image so it has stayed in the tube ever since!

This one is 16"x24" on some super gloss paper and should bring you years of joy. It's obviously a bargain at $179 (plus actual shipping costs.)

First email in my inbox and prompt payment gets it. No tire kickers, no deadbeats.

As soon as it sells, I'm putting up the next one. And I'll keep doing it until they're all gone. There are some great images coming so stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving Canucks!


2014-10-13 10.20sm

A Sims snowboard mystery is solved.

Hi friends,

Here's a little story for you for the long weekend.

Back in another life I was a pretty good snowboarder. More importantly, I was one of very few snowboarders who had a way to do it full-time. And I lived in the perfect place when the explosion of the sport took place. I sometimes hear about how lucky I was to get in so early, but by the time I started in December of 1987 I thought I’d pretty much missed the boat.

Still, within a couple of years I had sponsors and was traveling around to contests a bit, and more importantly going on “magazine trips” where we would travel with a photographer and a writer and someone from a magazine to take photos for a story in an upcoming issue. People these days like to talk about how Craig Kelly invented the freeriding pro, but there was already a whole culture of that in BC when he quit doing contests, maybe just not as successful as he was.

So in 1991 I was at the height of my “career” and was asked to come to Mammoth Mountain in California to do an on-snow board test for
Snowboarder Magazine. This was a time when one of the big brands, Sims snowboards, was going through some changes in their licensing and manufacturing. I’ll leave the details to those who were closer to it than I was, but the boards that Sims shipped to the board test were a weird grey model with the word “prototype” on the tail.

It was a great board. I may have given it the highest marks in the test, I’m not sure, but I do know that when we finished the test I asked the Sims people if I could keep it. Which was lucky, because soon after I started riding for Sims. Although those things weren’t really related. So for some reason I went home with the board and rode it through that summer. And I just grew to love it more and more. It had a crazy deep sidecut and huge camber, it was light and snappy, and it ripped.

Eventually I had to give it back. It was a prototype after all, and in the meantime Sims had formed a partnership with a manufacturer in Europe. I hated to return that board and before I sent it, I wrote on the nose “Dano wants this board” since I figured they wouldn’t be sending it back to the manufacturer. I hoped I had a shot of getting it back some day.

So the production boards came out and they had all sorts of problems. The fakie was delaminating like crazy and the rest of the line was super heavy with lousy shapes. I rode Sims for a while longer, but by the spring of ‘92 I’d started selling more photos and stories and that career path was becoming an obvious choice.

But I never forgot about that grey board.

When the internet started to become a thing, I would occasionally try to find pictures of the GSP, the Grey Sims Proto, but never found any. In fact, I never even found it mentioned anywhere. Board collectors didn’t talk about it, snowboard history dudes had never heard of it, in fact if I hadn’t gotten pictures published on it I might have thought I was making that board up.

Then a few weeks ago I got a message from my brother with a photo:

Tom Routh sent me this pic wondering if you knew anything about it.”


And there it was. After over 20 years. Of course I started to ask questions. Tom had as many for me as I did for him. I gave him the history up until '91 and he filled in the missing pieces. The board, it seems, was one of just 4 that were made, possibly by Apocalypse, and they ended up back with Tom. So upon cleaning out Tom’s estate after his passing in September of 2012 the boards finally saw light of day.

While I was amazed to see that there was a surviving board, what Tom sent me next BLEW MY MIND! He figured that I would know about the board because this is what the board looked like when it came out of Tom’s storage:


I was stunned, after all that time. My writing, stickers, everything. I looked like it had gone from the shipping box straight into the garage and nobody had touched it for 20 years.


So it sounds like there are 4 of these boards left and Tom has the one that I rode, the others are with collectors. It’s so amazing to finally have the answers about this board after all this time. I’m saving up pennies to try to buy it back but I’m not a huge board collector and Tom really is, so maybe it’s best that it stays with him. At this point, maybe it’s just the story I want.

In any case, here are a couple shots that ran in Concrete Powder and Snowboarder Magazine on that board. Have a great day.




Thanks to Tom Routh, Brooke Long and Michael Hess for solving a mystery 20 years old.

A cool shot of Morry with heavy BGPs.

Hey friends

So I was uploading some photos yesterday, took a closer look at this one of Morry and had a huge "WHOA" moment. Look at the people in the background.

See the guy with the tan arms on his jacket? Tom Sims. Right behind him is Gaylene Nagel who was doing marketing and team stuff for Sims at the time. They're sitting with Kevin Kinnear who was Editor of Transworld Snowboarding at the time. Waiting to drop in? Noah Salasnek and Janna Meyen. Holy crap man, that's a lot of heavy cats in one place! Anyone know who the other folks on the deck are?


Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom 2013

Hey friends,

Just had another life-affirming weekend at the Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom. It was a great event, as always, but this year brought back a lot of legends and the great weather made for one of those really memorable banked slalom weekends.

Sorry I didn't shoot a picture of everyone I saw. Thanks so much to Chris Fulton for the floor, Kelly Jo for getting so many folks back together (to honour the ten year anniversary of Craig's passing,) the Howat family who continue to write the book on how to run not just a contest, but an event worthy of being called legendary, all the nice folks I got to ride with, share a drink with, meet for the first time or the fiftieth time, ride a chair with or get a hug from, and Tony Welch for the photo!

I come from a small family, but when I get to Baker I know my family is massive.


Dirksen is awesome.

The wonderful Megan Pischke

Not to be confused with David Pitschi!

Lucas Debari concentrates before his run.

Colin D. Watt entertains. Constantly.

Curtis Ciszek about to drop in.

Javas, Kelly Jo and Josh

Josh Carrigan

Tony Welch made me a photo. Such an awesome surprise.

Chris Brunkhart was way happier than he looks.

More Rosen. Can you ever have too much Rosen...

Galbraith got to show "The Walrus Dreams," which is nice.

The inimitable Pat Bridges always drops a little nugget that blows me away. "So you assisted Guy Motil on that Sims shoot at Bachelor in 92 right?" Actually, yep, that's true.

Nat Langmann on the job.

Waylon Edwards made the cut.

My big brother with Jamie.

Two class acts; Britt Berg and Jane Mauser. Those are good people right there.

Happy Haakon about to drop in gets a little heckle from Seoane.

Terje takes off.

Dirksen peaks out of the hut.

Seoane, Bob Klein and Ed Segovia at Elmer fest.

Wanna know a secret? I was rooting for Temple.

Black and white

Nicolas Müller crossing the line

Bridges and Galbraith watching some racers form. Is that Temple?

Casual Jamie style. He hooted back at the peanut gallery.

Garry, Jeff Fulton and Chris Owen have the camo going on, and Todd Schlosser is awesome.

Barrett Christy; always fast and pure class.

Garry and Owen's heads.

Aaaand they found B's head too.

Curtis Ciszek rails one.

After blowing out of the course higher up, Haakon made sure he had more fun than anyone else the rest of the way down.

Temple Cummins. Fast, smooth and awesome.

Garry was the faster one of the two of us this year. Time to get these city legs in shape for next year. Thanks Gwyn for letting us settle it on the hill.

Jeff Fulton passes the Craig Kelly award on to Jamie Lynn as Jeff Galbraith looks on.

An honour worthy of a legend like Jamie. The Craig Kelly Thunderbird award.

Shuksan says goodbye for another year.

Lukas Huffman photos

Hi friends,

When Lukas Huffman walked away from a professional snowboard career, some people were shocked. For me though, it was not only not surprising, but it was expected. I'd spent the better part of some of my best seasons shooting with Lukas, and in the process made some of the best photos of my career, but his feelings mirrored mine. There was a burnout happening and the only solution was to walk away.

His path led him to Columbia University in New York, mine led me back to Vancouver.

There is a great little interview with Luke over on buoloco where he talks about the transition from super shredder to academic. It's worth watching. Here are a couple of my favourites of Mr. Huffman.


click photos for larger size and more snowboard photos

Perfect Jump. Whistler Backcountry.

Road gap at dusk. Kootenays.

Kevin Sansalone method

Hi friends,

Thanks for all the feedback and attention you gave the GoPro slideshow for Deep Winter. As of today it has over 13 thousand views between Youtube and Vimeo.

Our photo of the day is Kevin Sansalone cranking a method off a nice looking spire in the Whistler Backcountry in 2004. I remember trying to get set up as quickly as possible to get the moon in the background. When the slides came back I was disappointed to see how much the snow had covered his face, but still, I like this image a lot 9 years later.



JF Pelchat. From Rev to Now.

I had a really good weekend in Whistler including a great first day of the season with some of my favourite people, followed by another memorable dinner at Sushi Village.

At dinner I had a good catch up with my old friend JF Pelchat. I met JF when I was working with Rev Snowboards back in its heyday and we went on to shoot a bunch of photos over the years and spent a bunch of time in and around Whistler. One of the best JF stories I ever heard though, took place in a sugar shack outside of Quebec City as JF told us all about growing up near the sugar shacks and his family history. The man certainly can hold your attention over a bowl of pea soup.

In any case, we got to talking about the first day we shot together, how we just went up Whistler Mountain and banged off a bunch of shots all day long, including a massive road gap. I still have no idea how we got away with this in bounds. Luckily most of my archives are in my parents basement in Whistler, so I went down and dug out a couple shots from that first day in 1995.

JF's new venture is NOW bindings. He's been working on the idea for YEARS and finally brought it to market recently. The bindings are the first real evolution of snowboard bindings in a long time and my friends who are riding them have said that once you ride them, you never want to go back. We'll see, I hope to give them a try soon.

Without further delay; JF Pelchat on Whistler Mountain in 1995.


The road gap.


The lost shots. Part lucky 13.

Hi Friends,

Back again for part 13 (!) of The Lost Shots series. Today I’m bringing you a lucky 13 double shot of Devun Walsh from 2002. This was a nice little milkbird day we spent on Rainbow. In the early days of sledding in the mid 90’s Rainbow was one of our go to spots. There are a lot of features packed into a relatively small area and we had it all to ourselves for the most part. Later on as more crews discovered it, the small size of the area started to be a problem as there was too much competition for the same jumps.

On this day I managed to snag a good shot of Dev rooping with Blackcomb in the background. I used to always love that feeling of having a mountain to ourselves right across from the crowds. Dev was always known to have a super solid cab 5, but on this day he was mixing it up and working really hard on making it a switch fs 5, with perfect switch style. This sequence ran somewhere; Transworld I think.

I’m taking a little break from the Lost Shots for a bit. There is plenty left to scan but I’m going through some life transitions and I’m not going to have time for scanning for a bit. Off to Lake Louise tomorrow for an event called Ruckus in the Rockies. If you’re out there, say hi.



The lost shots. Part Twelve.

Hi friends,

While I’m waiting for the next video from The Show, I thought I’d bring you another gem from The Lost Shots series. This one is from 2002 and it features Eddie Wall. I didn’t get to shoot with Eddie very much at all, but we did have a couple productive days in Whistler. There was a pretty good frontside boardslide that ran and then there is this. We went to a zone that used to get a lot of traffic and Eddie found a line that I’ve never seen done before or since. The light was kinda milky which is probably why this never ran, but it’s a pretty sweet backside one on a gap that didn’t give up any easy angles.




The lost shots. Part Eleven.

Hi friends,

Just arrived in Whistler where it is still very much winter. The mountain looks beautiful, as if it were mid-february.

Today I’m bringing you another great JP walker shot from Calgary, Alberta in 2002. Early season we got the jump on things and went out with Calgary native TJ Schneider who took us around to some of his favourite street terrain. This sucker is known as “Old rusty” and JP took it apart with frontboards while TJ was all about the 50/50. My favourite angle of it ran in Snowboarder mag as a full spread. It was shot from behind with the sick sunset in full effect and JP’s style was perfect. I have no idea where that slide is either. Huggy?

More soon. See you at The Show.



The lost shots. Part ten.

Hi friends,

Well The Show is just days away and I’m busy as hell. I like being busy, keeps my mind off the bad things.

Here is another shot from the Lost Shots series. If you’re just tuning in, you can read about that here. Today I’m bringing you one of the best snowboarders I ever saw. I met Mikko Sjoblom when he was just a lil pipsqueak from Talma. Never ridden much more than a couple hundred vertical meters in his life. Next thing you know, he’s thrown in with the best riders in the world, dragged up into the backcountry on a sled, landing in POWDER for the first time. It was a whirlwind. He was so talented. I don’t speak any Finnish so our communication at first was a little slow, but I ended up spending a bunch of time with him and came to look froward to his goofy little smile.

Mikko had a big crash that shook a bunch of us and for awhile it wasn’t looking so good. I’m glad that he’s doing well now. With stories like Kevin Pearce’s getting so much media attention these days it’s shining a lot of light on the dangers of head injuries, but Kevin and Mikko are both great examples of overcoming them.

Here’s Mikko in 2000 at Mt. Hood with a huge truck driver Mctwist.



More lost shots.

Hi friends.

Back from tour and digging back into the big box of lost slides. Watching Tiger charge the last 9 of the Masters right now so I’ll keep it short. (edit: wow, what a crazy back 9!)

Here is a nice portrait of Mike Page. Such a handsome young man. When he had his big accident I went to see him in the hospital and I wanted to bring him a really good gift. I knew he’d be spending a bunch of time in there and most of it lying in bed, so I wanted something he could do with his hands. I got in touch with all the team guys and asked if everyone would pitch in on a nice gift if I bought it and they all agreed, so I went and bought him an Epiphone Les Paul with a little practice amp that he could plug headphones into and not bug the whole hospital.

To this day not one of the guys on the team kicked in for the guitar. Jerks.



The lost shots. Part Nine.

Hi friends,

Today I thought I was bringing you another long lost cover shot but when I looked more closely I noticed that it’s slightly different than the cover of Bjorn Leines that ran on Snowboarder Magazine. It’s most likely the frame before.

This shot was at Mammoth Mountain and Bjorn was doing a tow-in behind a snowmobile, 50-50 up the far rail and air over to frontboard the down rail. It was pretty sick business. Now if I could only find the slide that was the cover image...




Free April Snowboard Wallpaper

Hi friends,

Whoa, two posts in one day! And even while I’m on the road! If you count the tour blog and all the Monster stuff I’m posting, this might be the busiest internet day I’ve had in ages.

But you didn’t really think I’d leave you hanging on the first of the month did you? If you did, you’re the April fool. I know my duty to the faithful ones out there who use the wallpaper every single month.

Here is shot from April a couple seasons back taken at Mt. Seymour in Vancouver. It’s Eric Jackson and I shot it on a Standard Films shoot. We battled conditions and fog for a couple nights up there. It made for interesting photography but not as much film. Speed became an issue and it was hard to go as big as we’d hoped.

Anyway, it should be getting to park season this month. I’m working hard to make The Show a great event and things are lining up. I hope to see you all there.

Download the Large or Medium. Or grab this little one here if you just need 720 pixels.



The lost shots. Part eight.

Hi friends.

Slept on the bus from Toronto to Quebec City last night. Getting used to road sleeping but I have sea legs today.

Part 8 in the Lost Shots series and if you’ve been paying attention there is really only one person left; Jeremy Jones. What can you say about a career like Jeremy has had? I met him when I worked with Rev snowboards so far back in the day, and he was good then. It’s like, a hundred years later and he’s still charging. he’s known for his rail charging aptitude, but he has always had it in the backcountry too.

In the year 2000 it seemed like everyone was pushing the frontside cork and Jeremy was at the front of the line. Here he is coming straight outta the sun in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.



The lost shots. Part seven.

Hi friends,

Just a quick one today. Tour is hectic.

Peter Line is the force behind Forum and during those years became a friend. I used to wake up some mornings and find him curled up on the couch having driven up to Whistler on a whim. Despite the credit he gets in snowboarding, I still think his impact is grossly underrated. He innovated more freestyle moves than anyone before or since. Always conscious of style, he could even make a fuck up look amazing. He got pitched on this alley oop back 5 and assumed the superman position. I call it the ooperman.

Pete is still riding and when he feels like it, he can bust out and school almost anyone.

Hi Pedro.



The lost shots. Part six.

Hi friends,

I’m on tour for the next week or so but I’ll try to keep putting more shots from The Lost Shots series every day. Our bus has internet so it should be ok. If you want to follow the tour blog you can find it here.

Today I’m bringing you a shot of good ‘ol Mike Page from Grouse Mountain in Vancouver. This jump had so much pop on it, it was sending people so high. Still, with all the trees it was hard to separate the riders from the background. I think that this shot worked out well but I don’t think it ever ran anywhere.




The lost shots. Part five.

Hi friends,

Today I’m bringing you the first of many great shots of Bjorn Leines. Always the unsung hero of the Forum days, while many people on the crew spent as much time crafting their image as they did their riding, Bjorn never really bought into all that hype. He just kept doing the riding that challenged him, even when everyone around him thought he was crazy and out of step. (Ya, of course that was a Minor Threat reference.)

This is a belated birthday card to an old friend that I don’t see anymore, despite the fact that he is filming 2 hours away with my brother right now. Keep on bringing it BJ, you never stopped inspiring.



The lost shots. Part four.

Hi friends,

Part four in the Lost Shots series. Today I’m stoked to bring you this shot of Joni Malmi from 2000. I didn’t do a ton of work with Malmi over the years, but when I did I knew he to be one of the most tenacious riders in the game. He literally would try a trick 50 times until he either nailed, got broken off, or ran out of time in the day. Most of the time we shot together was in the backcountry around Whistler, but this day found him in the pipe at Windell’s summer camp in Mount Hood.

Now matter how you slice it, this is a big assed air to fakie. I’ve been loving the crazy velvia colours going through these shots, but in the altitude at hood, the sky goes almost black with the rich saturation.

More to come.



The lost shots. Part three

Hi friends,

Part three of the lost shots is from Grouse Mountain here in Vancouver. This was from the Wildcat Challenge in the spring of 2001. On this day Duff shot his ender shot for
True Life and we shot a bunch of other stuff as well. I always liked this sequence of his gap to frontboard but compared to the 450 on/off, it was a little overshadowed.

I had a beer or two with Duff a week or two ago. He’s finishing up his training to be a firefighter. Still as awesome as ever. Big grins for the win.



The lost shots. Part one.

Hi Friends,

As some of you know, I worked as a staff photographer for Four Star Distribution for a few years at the beginning of the 2000’s. My job was to shoot the Forum, Four Square and Special Blend teams in the era when the brands were at their pinnacle. The years that I worked there produced some classic snowboard films including Shakedown and True Life.

Around the time my contract ended, many of the people I worked with left the brand and because of some internal miscommunication, or possibly lack of communication, the status of my photos came into question. Nobody knew the extent of Forum’s usage rights and as a result, nobody wanted to be responsible for returning my images. This went on for quite some time and through a ton of company restructuring until finally Forum was sold to Burton.

Fast forward several more years and a bunch of failed attempts at getting my photos back and one day the right guy did the right thing and less than a week later three massive boxes of literally thousands of images shows up at my house. In those pages are some of the best shots from my snowboard career, and a significant part of snowboarding history.

I’m going to do some scanning and show you some of them as I get time. We’ll start with a frame from a sequence of JP Walker’s cab cork 5 over the Brandywine 1080 gap from
True Life. This was heavy then and still holds up exactly 10 years later.


A quick lap of the Know? Show.

Grabbed Dingo in the Monster Energy truck yesterday morning and headed over to the Know?Show at the Vancouver Convention Center. He woke up in New York and by the end of the day was in Utah. Jebus, that’s some travel day. Danny came in later, just as Dingo was heading back to the airport.

Lots of good stuff going on at the Know?Show. Jamie Lynn, Peter Line and Muska sightings were keeping people on their toes. I spent about 4 hours running into people and having some meetings. Here are some of the folks I had a chance to talk to.

Serfas, once again.

Andrew Hicks is one of my oldest friends, and I never see him anymore.

Jesse Fox. Thumbs up.

Jeff Keenan.


Dingo takes a load off at the Grenade booth.

Endeavor’s Max Jenke was in a good mood.

and Rob Dow was excited to show off his new ideas in board design.

Sat down with Mikey Scott from DC. Cool things coming soon.

TJ Schneider is awesome.

Danny Kass releases some stress with a squishy grenade.

Jason “JD” Demers was in fine form. Had the Muska in the house signing stuff.

Daryl Trinidad is awesome.

Photographer Geoff Andruik wants to show you his package.

A brief Romain de Marchi encounter.

JF Pelchat has some cool things in the works these days.

Dustin Craven shows off his signature glove.

Benji Ritchie was also there.

The inimitable smile of Chris Dufficy.

Travis Williams in a reflective mood.

I think Danny just comes to Canada for the Ceasars. And to embarrass Libby.

Dickson Li hard at work. No seriously. Not at an event, at work. I know, I’m surprised too.

2010 Whistler opening day

Hi friends,

Snuck up to Whistler for opening day today. Harps from Monster and a couple of his good friends grabbed me and Smiley before the sun rose and we trucked it up. Made good time, hit the hill and managed to find most of the best snow on the mountain. Ran into a bunch of friends along the way. Opening day always has such a great vibe.

Here are some people I saw.


smiley before dawn

first view of the peak

the posse

looking back at Dave Murray rollers. They were good.

DCP was there.

So was Romain

Picard wears this sweatshirt every opening day. It’s an autographed photo of him shredding. Awesome.

Stubbs was up in it.

Mike D has been skiing all week so opening day is no big deal for him...

Rencz and J-Bone at Dusty’s


Browner and Craven working on their mustaches.

Then Browner grabbed my camera and took this gem!