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Free February Wallpaper

Hi Friends,

It’s wallpaper day again. After
Photoshelter featured this shot in one of their blogs recently I decided it was a good idea to use it for this months wallpaper. It’s nice and simple and easy on the eyes and I like it a lot.

I didn’t take many good photos in January and that’s bumming me out a bit. I’ve been really busy with the work I do with Monster and shooting has suffered a bit. It’s interesting, whenever I go through a creatively dry period, how I have this unfulfilled need that weighs on me. It’s really tangible and until I shoot something that I’m happy with it continues to build. Right now it weighs a ton.

Download the
Large or Medium size.


snowy dreams

Remember winter?


Snow day

Good day my friends. Check this:

Not a live picture. Click the picture to see the snow melt. Winter is just around the corner...

Hope you all had a great weekend. I'll try to get another shred shot up by the end of the day.


Cornice Season

It's cornice season out there folks. Be careful...

Click the photo for your BC forecast.



I've been looking at snow my entire life. I'm endlessly fascinated by the different textures, shapes and forms that it can take. I have hundreds and hundreds of photos of the texture of snow. Here is another one from the other day.