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GoPro at Deep Winter: the slideshow!

Hey friends,

Yesterday I told you all about the slideshow I put together for GoPro with the Hero3 during the Deep Winter photo challenge. It was dry as a bone out there but we managed to put together a great little group of photos. Go read the story if you didn't yesterday and then check out the slideshow! Wait for the ending, it cracks me up every time.


link: https://vimeo.com/57763367


Hi friends,

Hope you have all your shopping done and are settling in for some time with family and friends.

Here's another portrait, this one from a holiday party last year. Smiley is an old friend on the verge of big things.

Probably won't be posting again in 2012 so have a great holiday and we'll see you in 2013. Big things afoot, friends. Big things.


click the photo for more portraits.