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October Print Sale: Part 7!

Hi friends,

What a week. Your response has been amazing and I am super appreciative. A couple of the prints went from posting to payment in less than 5 minutes. It's totally remarkable. Thank you sincerely. We just keep stacking up the donations.

This evening i have a shat that I absolutely love. It's Matt Beardmore from Revelstoke Mountain Resort. He dropped the best looking diving board I'd ever seen and put his board right onto the micro transition. The whole scene was right at the fog line so the air was full of suspended crystals. I'll always remember it.

This 20 x 30 inch print is on super duper gloss paper and these little jpegs do not do it justice. It's all yours for $189 plus actual shipping. $40 bucks from this print sale goes to support my brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart who are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver. Please take a moment and click through and lend a hand.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long.



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