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Shoes from heaven

Sometimes I get packages from manufacturers. This is one of the strange and wonderful things about being a photographer in the action sports industry. I almost never ask for things, because I feel really fortunate, and I don't like waste, so I don't want to get a lot of stuff that I don't really need in the first place. When I do, I can always find someone who needs it, so it never goes to waste, but still, I don't like to ask.

Nike 6.0 has been sending me stuff on a regular basis, and at this point, with the exception of my slip-on Vans, flip flops, and New Balance dog walking shoes, I pretty much rock Nike 6.0 all the time. I like almost everything they send me, with very few exceptions, but sometimes they just get it so damn right that it is like they are reading my mail. I just got another package, two hoodies, super subtle logos, in black and green. My favourite shirt colours, and then there are the shoes. Black and white and red as far as the eye can see, and hightops.

Life is so sweet. Now if I could just get all the people who owe me money to pay up, everything would be perfect.