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Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival 2010

It’s sunny and warm in Whistler today and the place is packed. I’ve been working on the Grenade Games all year and now we’re only a couple days away. I got into town Friday and within 15 minutes had an adult Monster bevy in hand and was getting settled. Danny and Dingo and the boys made it into town before me so we hooked up for some dinner, few more drinks and lots of stories and catching up. Being that I’m old, my liver wasn’t really keeping up and pretty soon I lost the battle. I found myself in Sushi Village (again) catching up with old friends and warming up with some sake. I think you see where this is going.

As the restaurant was closing I grabbed my coat and headed for the door, almost made it out too, but just then my friend
Gribbon dragged me back inside and a giant dumbo sized bottle was placed on the table. Don’t really recall how the rest of the night went but I spent Saturday a complete write-off watching Mantracker in the hotel room.

The Telus Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival is back my friends, and whether you’re celebrating a great winter or just happy it’s over, there is no better place to be this week than Whistler, British Columbia.

Tomorrow’s weather is looking a little grim but it should get better as the week goes on. Come on up and play.

Tonight is the night

It's been about 18 months since Westbeach first came to me with the idea of writing a book for their 30 year anniversary. Even though the book has been shipped to a bunch of media outlets, the actual big boxes of books only got here on Wednesday, which is lucky considering that tonight is the party to celebrate the launch of "Out West". I'm looking forward to seeing so many of the people who have been involved as well as a bunch of old friends.

We're starting things off with a private dinner for the people who've made this happen, then off to the Red Bull lounge for a VIP mixer with a bunch of awesome people from Westbeach's history as well as Canadian snowboarding legends, and finally we end up at Fortune Soundclub, Vancouver's new hip spot to keep it going.

If you've been following the Westbeach Heritage project then you've probably seen the videos (here, here and here) and maybe you've flipped through the first chapter of the book online here, but you certainly haven't seen all these folks in one place at one time in the last 15 years. Old dogs and young shreds all mixing it up together. Awesome.

Bowman may even show. BOWMAN!

Nix is coming.

Anyone seen Alex Toporowski?

Of course Cartwright will be there.

Belzile? Check.


Saturday night's alright for a...

Saturday night the Blake Jorgensen Gallery in Whistler hosted a party to promote the "7 Artistic sins" line of skis by Rossignol. If you ever thought snowboarders had skateboard envy, it seems like skiers have got it even worse. Instead of using famous skaters like Stevie Cab and Andy Howell, should skiers be hitting up the talents of famous rollerblader artists? Jus' kidding skiers, I ain't hating.

Anyhoo, it was packed in the gallery, super awesome fun times. Monster was all up that thing and after they held a party down the hall at the firerock. Scott Arkwell is looking more like a Sikh every time I see him and it's a good look. Jon Horvath from the Fort Knox Five was the other half of the best party soundtrack I've heard in a long, long time. Seriously fun night while all the drunk kids in town for MLK weekend beat each other up in the rest of the village.

Thanks for the good times everyone.


Scott Arkwell and Jon Horvath know music.

Carts of Darkness, Whistler Film Fest, WCP party.

Here is a quick shot from last week. I was in Whistler for a screening of my friend Murray Siple's "Carts of Darkness". It's an amazing documentary about bottle pickers who ride shopping carts down steep hills. Afterwards we met up with Nix from Fourstar Canada for some sushi. The Whistler Film festival is going on so we went to one of their party/gala deals where we hooked up with Whistler superstar Ace Mckay-Smith and legendary DJ/Producer Scott Arkwell.

This crew was obviously a recipe for hours of conversation, foosball and venue-testing. I don't get to hang with the good people as often as I'd like and this was an awesome night that I paid for dearly the next day.

The next night was the Film Fest party put on by Whistler Creek Productions. I set up a photo booth and we shot some of the attendees. Another legend, Bruce McDonald, was in the room and there were screenings of some of the films from the Heavy Hitting B-Grade Horror film Fest as well as an auction of some photos. Here are some of my favourite shots from out front. The rest will be on the WCP site later.

Romain De Marchi and Paul Watt from Absinthe Films

Super Master DJ Mat the Alien and his better half Amanda

Alberta is a long drive but Rob Stevens don't care

"Hey I'm going to do a backflip"

Nix And Kashi show their party face.

best expression of the night

Stuart Andrews and Shin Campos from Whistler Creek Productions

Just awesome


Whistler Creek Productions

Some friends of mine have been hard at work launching a production company over the past 6 months or so. It is finally up and running and that is good enough reason to have a party. It all takes place during the Whistler Film Festival as most of the clients are from the film industry.

There was a live auction where prints from Gallup, Andruik, Patterson and a whole slew of other photogs got sold off.

I set up a "photo booth" thingy so that anyone could put on some gear from the wardrobe rack and go outside to snap a portrait. You can see my pocket wizard in most of the photos as that's how the thing was triggered. It was cold as shit outside but people still got into it. If you look closely you'll see such photo legends as Eric Berger, Mark Gallup, Russell Dalby, Shred legends like Shin Campos (co-owner of WCP), Wes Makepeace, Rube Goldberg, and cine dudes like Travis Robb from Standard films, Murray Siple (who showed and extended teaser for his current documentary "Carts of Darkness", Anthony Vitale, My brother Garry, shit it was just chock full of heavy cats.

Anyway, check it all out at
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