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October Print Sale: Part 8!

Hi friends,

So the last print only lasted about 5 minutes as well, so here we go again!

In true throwback thursday fashion, we're going back to 1997 or so with Marc Morisset. Back in those days we spent as much time in helicopters as we did on snowmobiles. The morning we shot this there was a classic valley fog layer, but up above the sky was blue giving us the sea of clouds that you see in Whistler so often.

This 20 x 30 inch print is on super duper gloss paper and these little jpegs do not do it justice. It's all yours for $189 plus actual shipping. $40 bucks from this print sale goes to support my brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart who are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver. Please take a moment and click through and lend a hand.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long.



2014-10-23 08.06.11s



Here's another shot from the same morning. KY was there and I think sluggo? Or maybe Roan? or both?

A cool shot of Morry with heavy BGPs.

Hey friends

So I was uploading some photos yesterday, took a closer look at this one of Morry and had a huge "WHOA" moment. Look at the people in the background.

See the guy with the tan arms on his jacket? Tom Sims. Right behind him is Gaylene Nagel who was doing marketing and team stuff for Sims at the time. They're sitting with Kevin Kinnear who was Editor of Transworld Snowboarding at the time. Waiting to drop in? Noah Salasnek and Janna Meyen. Holy crap man, that's a lot of heavy cats in one place! Anyone know who the other folks on the deck are?