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October Print Sale: Part 3!

Hi Friends,

Here we ago again with another well-loved shot of Lukas Huffman! All the Kootenay noboard posse know where this one is taken, but I'll never tell. Let's just say it's in part of British Columbia's massive backcountry playground. In 2006 I spent a couple weeks traveling around BC with Lukas and crew filming for his IR77 project. I have great memories of that trip and some classic images. This shot is a testimony to simple lighting and perseverance, there was a lot of slogging gear through deep snow to make it work.

This print is a MASSIVE 20 x 30 inches on super duper gloss paper and it's simply beautiful. It's all yours for $189 plus actual shipping. $40 bucks from this print sale goes to support friends and family in my life who are battling cancer. My brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long. Check out another one here and here.


2014-10-19 13.26.20


October Print Sale: Part 2!

Hi Friends,

I learned this week that if you have a really busy schedule at work, you maybe should think twice about launching a print sale. So the entries have not been as hot and heavy as I would have liked, but here we are with part 2. I'm going to stockpile some posts today so I will have more prints this week.

Another thing I learned this week is that my old friend Chris Brunkhart has been diagnosed with the exact same form of Cancer that my brother has. It's been 2 years since cancer stuck its unwelcome little head into my brother's life and the impact that it has had is impossible to understate. Garry continues to undergo chemotherapy every two weeks. It takes away much of his freedom and his ability to work. He has faced this business with strength and dignity and a positive attitude, but it's a hard road.

So, from this point forward, for every print we sell, I'm donating 20 bucks to Brunkhart's fundraising drive and $20 to my brother's (through paypal, use gpendygr@hotmail.com). It's not a lot, but everything helps. If you don't particularly like my pictures but you fucking hate Cancer, feel free to donate directly. Chris is in for a fight and he'll need the support.

So, on to the print! This is one of my most well-known shots. Lukas Huffman on the legendary "Perfect Jump" in the Whistler backcountry from 2003. It has run in a couple different magazines over the years and of all the photos people ask about, this one is probably top of the list. I was trying to find a new angle on this heavily documented feature when I saw the shadow of the riders racing through the foreground. I moved in and set up with a wide lens and caught the shadow.

This one is 16"x24" on some super gloss paper and it's yours for $179 (plus actual shipping costs.)

First email in my inbox gets it.

Thanks for dropping by. More prints all week long! Check out another one here.

Update: This sucker is sold.



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Lukas Huffman photos

Hi friends,

When Lukas Huffman walked away from a professional snowboard career, some people were shocked. For me though, it was not only not surprising, but it was expected. I'd spent the better part of some of my best seasons shooting with Lukas, and in the process made some of the best photos of my career, but his feelings mirrored mine. There was a burnout happening and the only solution was to walk away.

His path led him to Columbia University in New York, mine led me back to Vancouver.

There is a great little interview with Luke over on buoloco where he talks about the transition from super shredder to academic. It's worth watching. Here are a couple of my favourites of Mr. Huffman.


click photos for larger size and more snowboard photos

Perfect Jump. Whistler Backcountry.

Road gap at dusk. Kootenays.


Hey folks,

On March 21st I'll be having an opening at the Blake Jorgenson Gallery in Whistler. I've decided on most of the photos I'm showing, but wanted to leave a spot open for you guys. Take a minute and look through the galleries and leave a comment or shoot me an email and let me know what you think should be included or what shouldn't. We're keeping it to winter shots, and mostly action. If you remember a shot that you always loved and isn't up here at www.danopendygrasse.com let me know and maybe we'll bring it back for you.

Thanks for all the support. I love that so many of you are visiting this website and following the blog.




Hey folks,

Today I'm posting up one on my best-known and favourite photos. When I shot this photo of Lukas Huffman in 2003, this jump (known as 'perfect jump' because of its natural perfection for jumping) had become pretty blown out and was a one trick pony in terms of angles. I was completely sick of shooting it because there is such an obvious angle that has been shot to death, but not many others. This day I was determined to get something different.

I watched Luke's shadow pay across the snow in the foreground and set out to capture it. I had to beg the rest of the crew not to mess up the snow in the foreground zone with tracks, so someone threw the last bit of their sandwich in there just to mess with me. You can see it there on the left. My friends rule...

When I shot this I had never seen another snowboard shot that looked like it and I was really, really happy with the result. It has run in Magazines a bunch of times and I recently sold a print of it. I love this shot.

Ok, on a completely unrelated note, I just wanted to throw a shoutout to the good folks at Yobeat.com who have been making fun of snowboarding for over a decade.