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Keith Martin portrait

Hi Friends,

Having a great Saturday, but I'm going to take a sec to share another portrait. Here's Keith Martin shot outside at my old place in Vancouver a little while back. Not a typical look for me but one that I like very much. I turned off the strobe and shot handheld in the open shadow late in the day. There was a lot of great light floating around and a tiny DOF.

Hope you're all well too.


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The rooof is on fiyah!

So I've been dying to shoot on our rooftop patio ever since I moved in, and yesterday was the first day that I had enough time and the weather cooperated. Dave and Keith were in the neighbourhood so they got to be my first victims. Thanks guys!

We did a couple different set ups and it was good fun. I learned a thing or two about the space and I'm stoked to do more. How did we do?