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jon roth falls in a lake

Hi friends,

Today I'm bringing you a photo of my old roommate Jon Roth. We were out shooting some other portraits and somehow I managed to convince him to fall in the lake. It was a cold fall day with winter right around the corner and still he took one "for the team," and ended up soaking wet and freezing cold. Luckily we lived very close by.

I was never stoked on how this turned out but as time has gone by I've come around to it a bit more. I'm proud of Jon and all his success. Miss ya brother.


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A portrait of a friend.

Today I'm posting a picture of my friend Jon. He will inevitably hate the fact that I chose this portrait, but everything he hates about it is why it's going up. I don't get to shoot pictures of my friends nearly enough, and some simply despise having their photo taken, much like I do. Jon is different, he loves being in front of the camera, becomes a total ham the instant a lens is on him, and the results are always amazing. He however, feels like the morning after a one night stand, with lots of hand wringing and "i can't believe I did that". Within minutes of taking this shot, Jon was down to his cherry red Y-front undies, and everyone in the studio was on the floor laughing.

Jon can't make it to my wedding, we haven't seen each other in a couple years now, and I miss him like a brother. This picture makes me feel like I do when we're hanging out. I'm pretty much always smiling around Jon.

Thanks buddy.