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A quick lap of the Know? Show.

Grabbed Dingo in the Monster Energy truck yesterday morning and headed over to the Know?Show at the Vancouver Convention Center. He woke up in New York and by the end of the day was in Utah. Jebus, that’s some travel day. Danny came in later, just as Dingo was heading back to the airport.

Lots of good stuff going on at the Know?Show. Jamie Lynn, Peter Line and Muska sightings were keeping people on their toes. I spent about 4 hours running into people and having some meetings. Here are some of the folks I had a chance to talk to.

Serfas, once again.

Andrew Hicks is one of my oldest friends, and I never see him anymore.

Jesse Fox. Thumbs up.

Jeff Keenan.


Dingo takes a load off at the Grenade booth.

Endeavor’s Max Jenke was in a good mood.

and Rob Dow was excited to show off his new ideas in board design.

Sat down with Mikey Scott from DC. Cool things coming soon.

TJ Schneider is awesome.

Danny Kass releases some stress with a squishy grenade.

Jason “JD” Demers was in fine form. Had the Muska in the house signing stuff.

Daryl Trinidad is awesome.

Photographer Geoff Andruik wants to show you his package.

A brief Romain de Marchi encounter.

JF Pelchat has some cool things in the works these days.

Dustin Craven shows off his signature glove.

Benji Ritchie was also there.

The inimitable smile of Chris Dufficy.

Travis Williams in a reflective mood.

I think Danny just comes to Canada for the Ceasars. And to embarrass Libby.

Dickson Li hard at work. No seriously. Not at an event, at work. I know, I’m surprised too.