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Tedx Gabriola Island - Victor Wooten.

Hi friends,

As those of you who've been following along know, I shot photos during a series of TEDx talks at The Haven on Gabriola this past March. The talks are now starting to come out so over the next little while I'll share them with you along with the photos I took. Today we'll start with Victor Wooten. What a cool cat, and a great talk. Check it.


TEDx Gabriola Island

Hi friends,

It's been a busy little stretch working on 3 or 4 different projects at the same time. In the midst of it all I snuck away to Gabriola Island to shoot a TEDx event with my brother and my old friend Sean Kearns. Event photography isn't my favourite genre but the chance to do work with Kearns again after several years made me say yes. I met a lot of interesting folks and saw some great talks but my favourite part was shooting a few portraits.

I spent a couple hours setting up the lights the night before with the assumption that I would only have a few minutes with the speakers. That's pretty much how it worked out, I missed 2 speakers but managed to get a portrait of most. Here are a couple that I like. Click here to see all my event photos on Flickr.

Back to work.


Victor Wooten

Mike Stevens

Megan Daalder