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near miss

Hello friends.

Here’s a diptych for you. I’m calling it “near miss”.



False Creek life.

Guess the lighting on the last shot!


going back to the well

I’ve shot this building
many, many times. Some days I find it just mesmerizing, like a giant bug eye.


Walkin around

Some photos from this morning. A really low tide in False Creek.


flower water

break time

coast line

piling on.

lost at sea?

Urban yoga circle

I passed a yoga circle on my walk yesterday. It looked like this:

That is all.


Photography, ah yes...

So as some of you know, I'm about to take a trip down south. I'm going back to Roatan to do my Divemaster training and hopefully see a little more of Central America. Soon my blog will be mostly turquoise and jungle green.

I'm not rich, so I can't just leave the apartment empty and pay the mortgage. This is unfortunate. I have some paintings on the wall that are very valuable to me and that I'm not particularly interested in leaving to the whim of fate, so they are getting stored. They are 7 panels and the arrangement left me with a bit of a dilemma; what do I use to replace them? I decided to make 7 shots from around the hood, all taken with the canon g9 and converted to black and white. Of course then I went ahead and made way too many and now I have to choose.

Can you guys help me by picking your favourite and least favourite. I know some of you don't like to make public comments, so it's ok to send me a note, or feel free to put your comment in at the bottom. All this stuff has been taken in the last year and a half walking around my neighbourhood.



the fog

Vancouver is setting a record for the longest stretch of fog ever. I mean, I heard that anyway. It might be true, maybe not. This was taken at noon. (That also may not be true.)



I've been shooting lots of stuff lately and not posting any of it. So now I have a whole gang of photos just burning a whole in my hard drive. Here are some of them. Enjoy.

grrrr. i'm all enraged and stuff.


this crow is not one bit intimidated b those spikes

gold medallists will stay here

I'm a sucker for this kind of thing

more damn crows.

this is the last photo I took in maui. from a moving car.

dog walks look like this. it was way colder than this.

we have two young trees named yarbit and narbit. this is narbit.

Blue skies and happy days.


Sorry about that last rant. Things were a little dark at that point. In the old days that might have sent me off on a week long bender but now I just blog, shrug, and move on.

Here are some photos to look at and think about all things non-governmental.


happy clouds

happy forest

False Creek at night.

A shot from last night from the new waterfront in front of the Olympic Village construction. I went out to shoot the Symphony of Fire fireworks last night but the shots I took on the way home were way more fun.

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Well after the Pemberton Festival last week took a day away from work, I have been running around like a chicken with cutoffs on his head trying to catch up. Adding to my is complications is a giant sized rockslide that has closed the road to Whistler and made it very difficult to do a shoot there this weekend. Luckily the clients have pushed back the dates to next week, but it still appears that this monster slide won't be cleared in time and I'll most likely have to fly. Not the worst thing in the world except for the weight restrictions on helicopters and small planes and the fact that I need to travel with a whole bunch of gear. Luckily I have lots of photographer friends in Whistler and have been sourcing gear from them.

In the middle of all this, there were
fireworks on Wednesday so T and Willie and I went for a little walk to watch things that go boom.

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Dog days of summer

More shots from the hood.

Not to much to say about these. Folks have told me they like the photo updates so they will keep coming. I like the fact that I am shooting things that have no home and no expectation of sales. My entire career I've been making pictures with the exclusive purpose of sales, but with my group of "walking around town" shots, I never think, never try to make something commercial, just click away at things that look cool to me for whatever reason, and that's all I need. They're probably the most honest pictures I take. They aren't challenging or groundbreaking, but if you look long enough, you'll learn everything there is to know about me.

I think you will notice a theme

trash chute and construction

great f'n shapes, reflections, and light

that balloon is so crooked

bald dude taking a morning break.

More shots from the hood

This week I have a couple of shooting gigs, which will be a nice change from what I've been doing. Lately I've been up to my eyes with the book project and with selling shots from the winter, and while both of those things are going really well, it's just not the same as shooting photos. In fact, the only time I'm shooting at all these past weeks is walking the dog around the hood.

I still love my Canon g9 for this kind of thing, it's so small and portable and durable too.

Here are some shots of my hood:

Cirque du soleil is across the street all summer

One of those cool buildings that gets really thin and one end. This one is called Hotel Europe.

Lone dude on the soccer field. Looks like the turf needs some work

Taking a break.

Sailing is hard

I love what old glass does.

The dominion building and victory square.

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The summer. It is come.

As the summer finally hits in all its glory, I am swamped with work. I am convinced though, that I live in the best place in the world. My fascination with Vancouver's old buildings continues, while new ones pop up all over the place.

Here are some shots of the world around me. More coming soon. I love the Canon g9 more every day.

She casts a long shadow for a short dawg.

Pixelated clouds



these colours were making my eyes hurt.

evening glow

nice new shapes

from the hood

Just trucking away on submissions around here. Getting a budget and business plan in place for the summer project. Hope to get the green light by the end of the week so I can break the silence and get to work.

I still find time for walks around the neighbourhood. It has finally become spring around here and we've been loving the warm weather. Here are some shots from the last few days. The last one is HIGH-larious.

waiting for mommy.

traffic pattern change. ain't that the truth.

t said that this looks a little like our wallpaper.

boots on the ground


such a cliche, but so rad. shaka!

the title of the washed up book is "How to Start a Home-Based Photography Business". Timely Visual Metaphors are epic.

Waiting in the sun = never fun.

My crew for today did a pretty monster drive to get here and shoot in the sun. Unfortunately they didn't make it all the way. It's not a perfect day out there, but it's pretty nice, and I'm waiting. At least it gives me a little time to work on this last minute job that came up for this week. There is quite a bit to get organized in a short period of time so I'm doing a little scrambling. Well, to keep you occupied until then, here are some more G9 shots from around the hood last week.

Tinsletown. Watch your step.

The hood. Pretty stoked that I live here.Except that I'm in Whistler.

Flags and cranes around the Olympic village site.