DANO Pendygrasse

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Protect our Winters

Over the holidays I donated some photos to a collab between Origin Design and POW (Protect our Winter), the environmental charity promoted by Jeremy Jones. I like working with the people at Origin, they are extremely professional and in the action sports industry, that's a refreshing change.

I'm an opinionated guy but I don't preach often. I feel like unless you are a perfect example, it's very hard to tell anyone else what to think or do. I'm pretty far from perfect. I use transit, I walk and bike, I recycle, I try to get my food from local sources, but I also take planes to far off places several times a year, drive a 2 stroke snowmobile (although less and less), and I'm sure that if someone took a good hard look at my life they could find a lot of ways that I could live a better, more environmentally responsible life.

So I donated some photos to people who are working harder at it than I am. If you have time, take a look at what they are doing, maybe you will find something
worthwhile there.