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Today is the first day of the year where the sun stays up until 5 PM. For folks who live up north, the rapid lengthening of days is a welcome relief from the truncated sunlight hours we endure for several months each year.

Yesterday I came down from Whistler early for an afternoon meeting. When I was done, it was so nice out that I decided to walk down to Granville Island to get a hot cheese bagel from Seigel's. I've been treating myself to these little nugget's a few times a year since I was a teenager and they are basically the most amazing thing you can eat.

But they were sold out. It was Sunday and I had nothing else on my agenda for the day so I decided to take the Aquabus down False Creek and home. When I got down to the Ferry dock they told me it was going to be about 25 minutes so I decided to walk the rest of the 5 kilometers. I mean, it was a really spectacular day.

Along the way I met up with some friends, so some good sights and basically had about the most relaxing Sunday afternoon I could imagine.

Ok, that's enough of that. Back to work. Here is a map and a couple shots from the walk home.


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ducks wait for the pond to melt.

I ran into Jon and Grace and took this while we were chatting.