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Free December Wallpaper

Hi again friends,

As per new normal, it’s the beginning of the month so here is my offering to you. It’s a free wallpaper with a handy built in calendar! Amazing!

We’ve been pretty lucky to be blessed with a lot of early season snow around these parts so many of you have been up in the mountains seeing some winter landscapes. This photo has particular meaning for me as I took it on boxing day a couple years ago on a day with my brother-in-law Paul. It was our first day sledding together and we had an amazing time doing some avalanche drills, taking photos, and just goofing around on our snowmobiles.

After we lost Paul this year I really started to cherish the shots from that day. Now you can too. In fact, this would make a pretty nice print for Christmas. Drop me a line if you are interested.

Click the link to download Large Medium Ipad