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Going away presents

This week I was in at the Monster office saying my goodbyes when Libby asked about the going away presents. Now I've always thought that when someone leaves a job, the people at that place of work have a "going away party" or give that person some sort of "gift" as a token of their friendship and appreciation. It turns out that I was wrong. Dead wrong.

"Where are our presents?" Asked Libby. You see, what I didn't know, (and suspect that Libby didn't until it came out of her mouth at that very moment) was that at the Monster office, when you leave you are obligated to GIVE presents.

Well I thought about sending a fruit basket, I trolled around Home Depot looking for something funny (to which Libby replied; "New rule: no Home Depot presents") and eventually realized, with 3 dollars left in my pocket, that the best present I could give is the gift of memories.

Here is a little photo essay of our trip to lunch one day. There is a restaurant down on East Hastings that offers steak for less than 10 bucks. I've always looked at it and wondered "who goes there? It looks so sketchy." Well now I know who goes there: Friends.

Hand painted signs are the best. Is that the best bull ever?

Oh so THIS is where friends meet.

This is the sign that always had me wondering.

MMMMMMMMM. Multi and Tasty.

Oh I shouldn't.

The proprietress

Dave and Paul map their culinary attack

These live on bulls.

The view.

The meal.

Libby likes?

Let's just drop off some cards. Notice the No LImits in there?

Uh. We're done.

And then there was weird homeless sex acts on the way home.

You're welcome. And I'm out. I'll miss you guys. Best crew ever.