DANO Pendygrasse

odds and ends from an unusual life

12 months

In the last 12 months I:

Got married.
Bought a condo.
Wrote a book.
Spent 20 (though not nearly enough) hours underwater.
Watched the magazine I helped start, end.
Sold photos to magazines and companies around the world.
Did the highest paying photo job I’ve ever done.
Was offered less than I ever have been for photos.
Took huge chances in my career.
Worked on a deeply satisfying personal project.
Worked too hard, but not smart enough.
Lost my priorities.
Found them again.
Fell further in love.
Started to put the pieces together.
Was humiliated.
Was proud.
Was intimidated.
Got over it.
Rode a bus.
Rode a bike.
Rode a boat.
Rode a helicopter.
Rode a snowboard.
Rode a plane.
Rode a (sky)train.
Rode a snowmobile.

Sometimes I have absolutely no idea how I make it through the years. My life astonishes me.

Wind. Olympic Village. Vancouver.

Vintage Snowboard Shot

I hate to do this to you all, my loyal readers, but as the Orphan Works Bill passed in the US today, i am looking for the owner of an orphan in my files, and so here is yet another old photo of me snowboarding. Sometimes I end up with shots of myself and due to a lack of labeling, I have no idea who took them. Magazines used to occasionally send me photos that weren't even mine, because they looked like someone or somewhere I shot. In the end, if you send your pictures to a magazine with no labels, you can't be too surprised when they go missing. Sometimes however, the magazines remount shots after scanning, in which case your pooched.

All of this is a moot point because slides are over, but who took this photo of me at the Westbeach Classic in 1991? (Note the toe grab crail...)