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October Print Sale: Part 9!

Hi friends,

Sorry about the radio silence, the day job has been keeping me away from keeping up with the print sale. Which is guess is ok since October is over anyway. I'm going to cut myself some slack and finish strong. I have one last print.

This one has probably sold by the time you read this. There are a couple folks who have been waiting for it and I suspect that it will go fast. I actually rode more days with Craig Kelly than I shot with him and on some level that makes me very happy. We had a day at Mike Wiegles Heli with Ken Ach and friends, an awesome day at Baker with my brother and Alex, and I tagged along on some runs here and there, but this day was the one I remember most. Mostly because my memory sucks and pictures do a better job. I've spoken about this shot a bunch, so I'll leave it at this; watching Craig ride this face was a highlight of my snowboard life. He approached it mostly blind and just flowed down it like water.

This 16 x 24 inch print is on super duper gloss paper. It's all yours for $179 plus actual shipping. $40 bucks from this print sale goes to support my brother Garry and friend Chris Brunkhart who are both dealing with the same form of colon cancer that has spread into their liver. Please take a moment and click through and lend a hand.

First email in my inbox gets it. More prints coming all week long.

UPDATE: This one sold quick, but there has been enough interest for me to consider a small additional print run. If you are interested, drop me a note before Monday and we can add it on. Same price, same size.

There are still 2 other prints left! Here and here!



PS: I'm shipping everything today too, so all the folks who are waiting for prints, watch your mailboxes.

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Never seen Craig Kelly photo.

Hi friends,

Here is a photo of Craig Kelly that nobody has ever seen. It’s part of a sequence where he does one of his classic slash and drop laybacks. Awesome stuff. It never found a home in a magazine and I just found it in the archives while looking for some other stuff. Enjoy.



Craig in Black and White.

Here is a shot of Craig Kelly that nobody has ever seen. I like to think of him out there in the mellow pow fields doing long heelside carves.

Have a nice day.




It's been 6 years since we lost Craig Kelly. I called him "Snowboarding's last great leader" a few years ago when the documentary "Let it ride" came out and I think it holds true. Volumes have been written about Craig's influence so I won't go too deep into it. I'll let his riding do the talking. I wear a "remember Craig Kelly" button riding every day.