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Camping with friends.

Hi Friends,

So it's been a month now since I started with Arc'teryx. I've been really busy there and haven't had a lot of time to update, but last week we went out on our annual trip for Kim's birthday and I had a chance to shoot some photos. We went with friends up to Big Bar Lake, north of Clinton and spent two nights camping. We then travelled a bit further north and spent a couple more nights at another lake that will remain nameless in this blog.

Did a bit a fishing, some walking around, some cooking and a whole lot of laughing. Good times, good friends. Here are some photos. Enjoy.


mandatory stop at Joffre Lake on the Duffy Lake road

Big Bar Lake sunset

Colin Casting at sunset on Big Bar.

A cruising evening trout slurping.

Early to rise. Glassy before 6 AM.

Big Bar camp with Heather, Kim and Brian.

Oh deer...

Classic Thermos cooler from the past. Still works!

Let me axe you something

Classic Coleman twin burner.

Classic Coleman twin burner. In use.



Ran into a BC flyfishing legend, Joe Kambietz. Google "the squamish poacher."

Campfire Colin






moonlight on the water through the trees.



classic skies on the interior plateau

A man, getting it done.

Tent flap view.


kicking around

After I caught this guy, I decided to stop taking fish photos since I forgot my net...