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deep winter 2011

Congrats to everyone who competed in the Deep Winter contest this past weekend. I’ve been involved either competing or judging in this event every year until this one and I have to say, I’m super glad I didn’t have to judge this time. It was close. Really close. In the end Blake walked away with the win by the skin of his teeth, and in my opinion if Robin Oneill hadn’t relied so much on gimmicky slideshow effects, she may just have edged him out. Then again, it could have gone many different ways.

This is the most exhausting and taxing photo contest in the Action Sports world and just completing it is high honour. I was really impressed with the consistent high quality this year, way better than some of the past years. Congratulations go out to the organizers who have raised the bar on participants. Let’s keep it high next year.


Blake has his John Montgomery moment.

Holy crap Serfas, my wife almost left me for a beard half that big!