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2010 Whistler opening day

Hi friends,

Snuck up to Whistler for opening day today. Harps from Monster and a couple of his good friends grabbed me and Smiley before the sun rose and we trucked it up. Made good time, hit the hill and managed to find most of the best snow on the mountain. Ran into a bunch of friends along the way. Opening day always has such a great vibe.

Here are some people I saw.


smiley before dawn

first view of the peak

the posse

looking back at Dave Murray rollers. They were good.

DCP was there.

So was Romain

Picard wears this sweatshirt every opening day. It’s an autographed photo of him shredding. Awesome.

Stubbs was up in it.

Mike D has been skiing all week so opening day is no big deal for him...

Rencz and J-Bone at Dusty’s


Browner and Craven working on their mustaches.

Then Browner grabbed my camera and took this gem!
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