DANO Pendygrasse

odds and ends from an unusual life

Who is Dano?

I'm Dano. I was born Daniel but the name never stuck. Around the time I started selling photos I got hit with the "Dano" nickname and I've had it ever since. I've been shooting photos professionally since 1991 when I quit my last "real" job at the local one-hour photo.

I've mainly shot snowboarding over the years but have shot a lot of travel and recently underwater photography. Over the course of my career I've shot for every major snowboard company and magazine and I even spent the last few years launching a snowboard magazine, building a studio, and shooting a lot of product.

I'm based in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, and the all my work is informed by the spectacular natural environment in which I was raised. I like to think that I take some of it with me even when I'm traveling. Although it may be a little harder to find underwater in Roatan than it is in my work from home...

Dano Pendygrasse
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