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Variety is the spice...

Hi Friends,

Just back from Lillooet for a shoot at Fort Berens winery. They're doing delicious things out there…

This month I've shot the most diverse group of projects in my career. Some big, some small, all interesting. Video and stills for a new app, video for a shoe company, the TEDx talk on Gabriola Island, this winery shoot and coming up next is a crazy ski event in Fernie.

I've said it before, I live an unusual life. That's the only way I'd have it.

Here's a photo from Lillooet that I like.


Where's the office? Oh there it is.

TEDx Gabriola Island

Hi friends,

It's been a busy little stretch working on 3 or 4 different projects at the same time. In the midst of it all I snuck away to Gabriola Island to shoot a TEDx event with my brother and my old friend Sean Kearns. Event photography isn't my favourite genre but the chance to do work with Kearns again after several years made me say yes. I met a lot of interesting folks and saw some great talks but my favourite part was shooting a few portraits.

I spent a couple hours setting up the lights the night before with the assumption that I would only have a few minutes with the speakers. That's pretty much how it worked out, I missed 2 speakers but managed to get a portrait of most. Here are a couple that I like. Click here to see all my event photos on Flickr.

Back to work.


Victor Wooten

Mike Stevens

Megan Daalder

Captive re-cap...

Hi friends,

Well, I certainly never thought that a little exercise in learning to edit would draw such response. I'm amazed and delighted by all the reaction to Captive. If you didn't catch it first time around, the story of Captive is here.

Right out of the gate my old friend Ian Ruhter (he's the one making amazing wet plate photos with the world's largest camera) posted about it on his Facebook wall and the next thing you know my website starts getting hit like a rug in springtime. VancouverIsAwesome featured it, friends and strangers were sharing it and commenting and after a couple days when it started to die down I was really happy with the result.

Then one afternoon a week later I checked my Vimeo analytics and saw a massive spike in my traffic from the day before. I looked around my social networks and didn't find any new links or mentions so all the traffic was a mystery. It looks like most of it came from a link on VancityBuzz that was then picked up by Peter Meiszner from Global who then put a clip on his "trending" segment on Global TV's Morning News. (right after the cats and french fries… ) So that generated more traffic. It even landed on the chinese language VanDiary.com!

As a direct result I've had thousands of views, I've sold some prints, have inquiries for some more, have spoken to several people about potential video projects, and I've heard from long lost friends who saw the video!

Pretty cool.

So here's a shot of everybody's favourite guy that got cut from the vid, if you know someone who would like a print of anything from Captive, drop me a line and we can set it up.

Thanks for all the support!


Captive from sidechannel media on Vimeo.


Healthy Reefs Initiative Report Card.

Hi friends,

Firstly, thank you all so much for the amazing response to Captive. It's been so overwhelmingly positive. Next, I wanted to share a photo that was recently published. Usually people post their published work as an ego boost or to drum up business, but I'm hoping that you'll take a minute and look at what the Healthy Reefs Initiative is doing on the Mesoamerican Reef. The largest reef system outside of the great barrier reef.

The monitoring that HRI does is crucial to the management of the reef, and the benchmarks that are set allow scientists to track both positive and negative changes. My favourite part of the report card is that it highlights victories and not just the challenges to maintaining the reef.

So that's my photo of Ian Drysdale on the Cordelia Banks there on the cover.

Have a great day.