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Hi friends,

Over the last few years I've been doing the bulk of my work in video. That is to say I've been directing other people to shoot and edit video that I've conceived of while contributing my own footage. At the beginning of the year I decided it was time to teach myself to edit, and due to a big unforeseen gap in my schedule I had some time to do so.

From the time I moved in late 2011 I had been compiling a body of work that had all been created inside my apartment. After I got my d800 and GoPro camera I started shooting a lot more motion, initially just timelapse shots but eventually vignettes of life around and inside. This was the material I used to make Captive.

I've always believed that when you apply limitations to your process that the result is creativity. For the first year of my career I shot with nothing but a 50mm lens and as a result I found ways to solve the problems that arose from that. Limiting the physical space that I allowed myself to use photos from was a new way to define the boundaries of this project.

In the end, this was an exercise in learning how to solve problems in the editing room, but I liked it enough to show the world. I hope you like it too. If you do, please share.



Captive from sidechannel media on Vimeo.

Special thanks to all the kind folks who offered advice and critique:

Murray Siple
Clayton Larsen
Adam Mackay-Smith
Olenka Krakus
Jon Boyer
Garry Pendygrasse
Jay Vaillancourt
Mikey Scott
Bob Kronbauer

I appreciate the help.

yaletown after the rain

Hi friends,

Storms clearing. Here's a photo in Yaletown just now.



Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom 2013

Hey friends,

Just had another life-affirming weekend at the Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom. It was a great event, as always, but this year brought back a lot of legends and the great weather made for one of those really memorable banked slalom weekends.

Sorry I didn't shoot a picture of everyone I saw. Thanks so much to Chris Fulton for the floor, Kelly Jo for getting so many folks back together (to honour the ten year anniversary of Craig's passing,) the Howat family who continue to write the book on how to run not just a contest, but an event worthy of being called legendary, all the nice folks I got to ride with, share a drink with, meet for the first time or the fiftieth time, ride a chair with or get a hug from, and Tony Welch for the photo!

I come from a small family, but when I get to Baker I know my family is massive.


Dirksen is awesome.

The wonderful Megan Pischke

Not to be confused with David Pitschi!

Lucas Debari concentrates before his run.

Colin D. Watt entertains. Constantly.

Curtis Ciszek about to drop in.

Javas, Kelly Jo and Josh

Josh Carrigan

Tony Welch made me a photo. Such an awesome surprise.

Chris Brunkhart was way happier than he looks.

More Rosen. Can you ever have too much Rosen...

Galbraith got to show "The Walrus Dreams," which is nice.

The inimitable Pat Bridges always drops a little nugget that blows me away. "So you assisted Guy Motil on that Sims shoot at Bachelor in 92 right?" Actually, yep, that's true.

Nat Langmann on the job.

Waylon Edwards made the cut.

My big brother with Jamie.

Two class acts; Britt Berg and Jane Mauser. Those are good people right there.

Happy Haakon about to drop in gets a little heckle from Seoane.

Terje takes off.

Dirksen peaks out of the hut.

Seoane, Bob Klein and Ed Segovia at Elmer fest.

Wanna know a secret? I was rooting for Temple.

Black and white

Nicolas Müller crossing the line

Bridges and Galbraith watching some racers form. Is that Temple?

Casual Jamie style. He hooted back at the peanut gallery.

Garry, Jeff Fulton and Chris Owen have the camo going on, and Todd Schlosser is awesome.

Barrett Christy; always fast and pure class.

Garry and Owen's heads.

Aaaand they found B's head too.

Curtis Ciszek rails one.

After blowing out of the course higher up, Haakon made sure he had more fun than anyone else the rest of the way down.

Temple Cummins. Fast, smooth and awesome.

Garry was the faster one of the two of us this year. Time to get these city legs in shape for next year. Thanks Gwyn for letting us settle it on the hill.

Jeff Fulton passes the Craig Kelly award on to Jamie Lynn as Jeff Galbraith looks on.

An honour worthy of a legend like Jamie. The Craig Kelly Thunderbird award.

Shuksan says goodbye for another year.


Hi friends,

Here's a photo from the 24th floor of a jaywalker on Homer Street in the long evening light. Hope you like it. I sure do.



Lukas Huffman photos

Hi friends,

When Lukas Huffman walked away from a professional snowboard career, some people were shocked. For me though, it was not only not surprising, but it was expected. I'd spent the better part of some of my best seasons shooting with Lukas, and in the process made some of the best photos of my career, but his feelings mirrored mine. There was a burnout happening and the only solution was to walk away.

His path led him to Columbia University in New York, mine led me back to Vancouver.

There is a great little interview with Luke over on buoloco where he talks about the transition from super shredder to academic. It's worth watching. Here are a couple of my favourites of Mr. Huffman.


click photos for larger size and more snowboard photos

Perfect Jump. Whistler Backcountry.

Road gap at dusk. Kootenays.