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South for the holidays.

Hi Friends,

It's been a minute or two since a blog post, largely because it's been a minute since I've had time to take a photo! However, eventually holidays are taken and this time they took us to Mexico. It's been a couple years since my old friend Mikee and his (now) wife Katy moved to Playa del Carmen and we've been threatening to visit ever since. We missed the wedding due to one of us becoming a Doctor (hint: it wasn't me) and it's taken us this long to finally get down.

Despite our rather shortsighted planning (people are really busy the week before Christmas, even when they live in Mexico!) Mikee and Katy welcomed us with open arms and cold beer. After a couple days of Playa del Carmen it became pretty clear that what we were looking for was slightly further south so we booked a last-minute room and hit the bus station.

Tulum is the kind of beach town I like, although you can tell by the cost of a room there that it's a bit of a victim of its own popularity. Nevertheless, we spent two lovely days and nights there capped off by a spectacular dinner at the Hartwood with Mikee and Katy.

So we're back to Canada in time for Christmas day with families and already planning the next trip. Thanks for all the hospitality M & K and Merry Christmas to all my friends. Here are some photos from the trip.


Tulum 2013 - Images by dano pendygrasse