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Vancouver Surf

Hey friends,

A couple times a year we get a big wind swell in Vancouver and folks hit West Van beaches for some local surf. Growing up in North Van, my brother and all my surfer bros would always head down to enjoy the rare gift of local surf, but these days there are actual crowds vying for the meagre waves available. Regardless, it's a pretty happy vibe and everyone I met had a big smile on their face. Today I decided that everything else could wait while I went down to catch the rarest of photos, the Vancouver surf shot.

I didn't get it but it was still super fun to hang out in the wind and watch the weird waves. I met a bunch of nice folks on the beach today so I'm putting up more than I normally would so they can check themselves out. Also it's it's worth it to see the big set crashing through the pilings!


Clean lineup…


Megan Pischke fundraiser

Hi friends,

I had an amazing night last night attending a fundraiser for Boarding for Breast Cancer and specifically for Megan Pischke. The crowd was literally packed with good friends of mine from the last couple decades and I only had a chance to catch up with a few of them. I tried to take pictures of as many as I could, but missed plenty. Hello to all the people I saw across the room and never connected with. So lucky for the conversations with the folks I did get to share some time. If you are generous, you could do worse than to donate to this amazing woman.


Mark Bannock is beardy

Alex Warburton

Dez Price

Eero Niemela

Gaetan Chanut

Dave Seoane

Sarah Tipler

Iikka Backstrom was in a buying mood.

Jessie Lu Galbraith

Paul Watt

John Scarth

Anthony Vitale

Stu Andrews had a baby about 24 hours before, but had to come up to MC. Lucky.

Dustin Craven was the most generous man of the night.

Love my brother.

Candice Drouin

Adam Levitt

Scott Birke

Annie Boulanger

Shin Campos

Chris Brown



Natalie Langman

Wes Makepeace

Jeff Keenan

Logan Short


Casey Northern and Scott Sullivan!

Iikka and the Lady of the your, Megan Pischke

Mel Lawrence and Kevin Sansalone

My brother Garry and Martin Gallant

DCP speaks nice words to a nice crowd.

Craven wins the New Year's at Baldface auction for a billion dollars. Worth every dime.

Live painting.

Wes takes the stage.

Alison Pasemko, Andrea Cooney, Nicole Desmarais, Maria Brander-Campos

JF Pelchat

The extremely talented Anastasia Chomlack

The Shred Show 2013

Hi friends,

The World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler starts today which means we're less than a week from The Shred Show, one of the biggest activations Monster Energy does in Canada and one I've been working on since it was Grenade Games 5! I miss Danny and the boys showing up, I truly do.

Nowadays the event is a TTR 5-star, which means a bunch of kids will win a bunch of money and some points that help them win even more money. Can you imagine being a teenager and having the potential to win 25 grand in a day, several times a year? It boggles my mind. No wonder so many of those kids turn into freaks.

So here is a preview of The Shred Show with a bunch of footage from last year. It's always super fun, whether you snowboard or not. I'm looking froward to seeing old friends, eating at Sushi Village as many times as I can, and hopefully checking out Nas. My goal for the week is to not get stuck in the media suite as much as in years past and get up the mountain.

Hope to see you around the village.



Enemy Lines at Fernie.

Hi friends,

This weekend I made a video for a Monster Energy event called Enemy Lines. It was the first year for the event although the concept may seem familiar to some of the older folks in the audience. Anyone who watched the movie "Hot Dog," growing up will probably know the type of race I'm talking about…

So while the concept came from a low budget ski comedy from 1984, and over the years there had been multiple underground versions, (some, like the Westbeach Chinese Downhill in Whistler have become pretty big,) nothing had ever happened on this scale.

First of all, the prize was $20,000. Second of all, Fernie Alpine Resort got behind the event making it the first time I've ever heard of a Ski Hill endorsing this kind of thing. Third, a hand-picked field of world class skiers from a variety of backgrounds competed making it a hard race to handicap.

So the weather the week prior was 21 degrees causing the snowpack to essentially rot from the bottom up. That was a hard reality to swallow but it didn't change the fact that we were going to pull this thing off no matter what. Because the format had to be amended, we changed how the prize was distributed; everyone got a share of the pot as a gesture of goodwill for showing up, but 5 grand was set aside to give to the winner.

It was nuts. The whole run was less than 90 seconds. People chose a variety of different lines, some of them super smooth but longer, some of them super sketchy but shorter. Next year, off the top, this will be the best event ever. Until then, check out the first ever Enemy Lines. Watch for local guy Luke Nelson jumping a massive dirt patch and Rory Bushfield straight lining into a slushy mogul field. There are all kinds of good points to pause.

Enough talk, check it out.


This is your winner; Stan Rey was smooth and fast and beat em all.