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2015 personal project has begun

Hi Friends,

It dawned on me during December that I should put together a personal project for 2015 that would keep my creative blood pumping and challenge me. I’m lucky that my day job gives me the opportunity to
shoot and direct photo and video work, but it can’t possibly completely scratch the creative itch.

I had written a long blog post written on 2015 resolutions but never published it, and then over the holidays when my brain had some time to rest, I came up with an idea that checked most of the boxes that were on my list. Some of those things were:

1. Find a way to collaborate with people i respect and share some knowledge.
2. Read more books.
3. Take on projects that have defined start and end points.
4. Find a way to set up a system to give financial support to things I believe in.

There were some more, but these ones especially all fit into this new project. It’s week 3 of the new year and I’m already working on stage one. There isn’t much to share yet, but there I do want to put this out there: there is a big element of collaboration in this project, so some of you might be hearing from me in the near future.

Ok, enough of that for now, the last several photo walks I’ve done, I’ve been shooting film again, so until I get to the lab, you can look at these.




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